14 December 2017

🏑 A new place to call home 🏑

I've heard it said many times that two is better than one and all that said is true but what if 
there was only one of you to hold it down for the both of you?
This has been my story; having stepped into parenthood at a very young age I found myself on this adventure doing the most single handedly. Instinctively, I picked up the pieces and it was then that my aspiration to be my own individual, to not seek to be completed by another was birthed and it is to whom I owe the woman I have become today and still becoming.
The journey began when my daughter, Valerie, was just under the age of 2 when I decided to go back to College to study and four years later I graduated from University. Hoping soon after I would go on to kick start my career, God stopped me at my tracks and pressed on my heart what I ought to have been doing in the next phase of my life. A year later, I graduated from Protege and went on to start my first ever professional job in a field that I was absolutely passionate about.
Here I found myself with a million options of how to best spend my first earnings but head focused I decided I was going to save up and invest in a property. 
My daughter and I had started the motion of faithfully praying over our 'future house' months before the idea was even feasible. Often, my daughter with her child-like faith would dream big and ask big and sometimes I would dampen her prayers by my realistic approach to life.
 I considered the statistics; how much it would cost, how much I earned and that left no room for the supernatural work of God. Until one day when I read a book titled :
The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears and it changed the game. Since reading this book, I incorporated the lessons learnt into our prayer life and I can honestly say for the most part of this year we have faithfully prayed over our new home (+ other things) every single day relentlessly and this alone brings us to this testament!
Excited to share the news of the purchase our brand new home, a journey that began six months ago when Valerie and I started viewing properties way before we were even financially ready to make the commitment. What that did for us was; it served as inspiration, drove me to save up even faster and directed our prayer requests before God. 
As there was quite a number of developments in and around our catchment area we visited all the show homes but particularly Countryside Properties stood out and stole our hearts. The character of the homes they built with a creative approach and a unique detail to their landscape was spectacular to the eye. Unfortunately on the development we were interested in they had completely SOLD OUT. 
Long story short, two months later I received an email from the developer saying a plot had come back on the market and guess what, it was more affordable than all the other homes I had started to consider at the time. My interpretation of this was simply: GOD because hey, what are the odds.
Peace being my guide I went on to reserve the property and began the whole mortgaging process.
As I share this news with you, we have completed on our new home and will soon be moving in.
Words alone fail us but our hearts are eternally grateful to God for the favour He has shown on us, His faithfulness and His goodness.
To Him be the glory, forever and ever, AMEN!
and so;
is there anything too big for God?
does He speak and not do what He says?
does He promise and not come through?
so then;
let us hold steadfast to all his promises, continue to judge Him faithful in all seasons and wait with expectation
as His word sets out to accomplish 
all that which it has been sent to do!
In another post in the New Year I will be sharing a very practical guide on how to get on to the property ladder (for first time buyers), what is actually involved in the mortgaging process and so much more so please be sure to visit again! 
THANK YOU for stopping by this time around.


4 December 2017

A festive season edit

Looking for inspiration on how to get your home festive ready from tree to table, look no further, I've partnered with Double Vision Events to bring you a guide for this festive season. 
To set the mood for the season its no question a Christmas tree sets the scene perfectly. 
Whether you are thinking of an authentic tree with all its pines and needles or an artificial one;
 be it a spruce tree, a cypress, faux fur or cedar tree, I mean, 
the choice is yours and the options are endless, grace your home with at least one.

Over the years I've played around with different colour themes because I love a new look each year. 2015 was blush pink and accents of gold whilst 2016 glittered in silver and white. This year I'm inspired by the rustic look, a style that blends copper accents and an abundance of greenery. For a perfect finish; glittering baubles, lights and glimmering candles dotted on every surface will add a touch.
Elegance, classy and simple is my kind of style so if I had to inspire on a dinner table look, I would say go for a:
πŸ’«simple colour palette.
πŸ’«simple patterns but with varied texture and finishes.
πŸ’«and minimal accessories.
You will hear me say many times, 'less is more'. 
Making cards and presents this simple couldn't be any more easier and neat!

The inviting aroma of stepping in from the cold to a home scented with warm and spicy candles is nothing short of breathtaking.
Here are a few of my favourite candles + those on my wish list:
πŸ’« the Winter Signature by The White Company πŸ’«

πŸ’« the Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle πŸ’«  

πŸ’« Jo Malone London Promegranate Noir Home Candle πŸ’«

πŸ’« Mandarine, Clove and Cinnamon scented candle by Marks & Spencer πŸ’« 
πŸ’« Jo Malone London  English pear & Freesia diffuser πŸ’«

Darling, they ain't no good party without good music. 
πŸ’« Bryan and Katie Torwalt - Emmanuel (God with us forever) πŸ’« 

πŸ’« Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you πŸ’« 

πŸ’« Michael Buble - Ave Maria ( his whole Christmas deluxe special edition album ) πŸ’« 

πŸ’« Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree πŸ’« 

πŸ’« Andy Williams - Its the most wonderful time of the year πŸ’« 

πŸ’« Dean Martin - Let it snow πŸ’« 

πŸ’« Hillsong Worship - Seasons πŸ’« 

πŸ’« Frank Sinatra - Have yourself a merry little Christmas (plus his Christmas jazz album ) πŸ’« 

πŸ’« Chris Tomlin - Noel ft. Lauren Daigle πŸ’« 
Who I am fooling though, this playlist may last for a while but the truth is half way through I will find myself embracing my roots and listening to some old school African music! 
Now, that's when the real party will start!
Enjoy the festive holidays. Thanks for stopping by.

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