12 January 2016


Can you believe I was just going to show up with my first blog post of the year without even explaining where in the world I've been over the last two months!
But because I appreciate your readership and would like to be truthful to my words "sharing my life journal", a catch up with all my readers and subscribers is much needed.
Now, the last time I shared was right after Bling Conference and thereafter I went to my first ever !Audacious Church Staff Retreat. Growing up my parents used to volunteer for Gideons International  (I've shared this before) and once every year we would go away on a retreat. As a child, my brother and I would go out for "kids fun" whilst all the parents stayed for some life imparting lessons. Here I was, years later, planted in !Audacious Church and reliving my childhood memories with my daughter on the journey alongside. What a privilege it was
 to have been a part of the entire experience with some of the most amazing people I get to do life with.
Coming back from Wales (Staff Retreat) a day later, I was attending Jesus Culture Conference. I was ecstatic about seeing Kim-Walker Smith in worship (one for the bucket list) and was just filled by the atmosphere.
Off the back of what were three amazing experiences within a space of two and a half weeks I must say, I felt so full from great teaching but hadn't got an opportunity to sit down, unpack and digest. Good thing was, it was November, the one month I don't blog (in memory and honour of my brother) so I had time to go through notes and relive the Word. As I was doing so, here are some of the areas that really struck me: FULL DEPENDENCE and VULNERABILITY at the back of all the teaching.
Did I mention, financially and emotionally this was the most difficult month of my life to date & boy did I have to apply this Word to my daily life.
At the end of the year even though I felt I had a bittersweet finish, they were so many blessings to count, for example, successfully finishing my studies amongst many others.
As for all I had said moving into this new era and never actually got to share:

  1. I have definitely been doing a lot of reading over the last few months (& its not been a Science book) however, Live Love Lead is not one of the books (its on the list though). In a Book Lounge I'm a part of' I've read; The Divine Mentor and still reading The Proving Ground & absolutely loving it! Adding on, my mentor recommended The Search For Significance : seeing your true worth through God's eyes and Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite and they were both amazing books. 
  2. Musically I've also been leaning a lot into specifically these four CDs: Ray of Light by the !Audacious Band,Open heaven River Wild by Hillsong WorshipEverything and nothing less by Chris McClarney (Jesus Culture) and Empires by Hillsong United and I cannot get enough of them.
  3. As far as fashion blog posts are involved because I've been so busy and I haven't been going down to Cambridge often (where my photographer is based) I haven't really taken any photographs lately (except for these).
    Thanks for catching up with me and if you want a copy of any of the books or CDs I've mentioned, email me at anitahnjonga@gmail.com & I will have the resource sent out to you.
I hope you enjoyed the holidays x
Stay blessed.

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