19 December 2016

Christmas Party Outfit Inspiration

Outfit details:
Cape Midi Dress - Lipsy / Pretty Little Thing.
Neckpiece - Accessorize
Gold lattice metal box chain clutch - T K Maxx.
πŸ’‹ - Tom Ford's Ruby Rush.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.

 Photography by Derick Boateng photography.
Website : derickboateng.uk


1 December 2016

In hindsight!

Life is full of lessons to be learnt which must be lived to be understood. 

     1. Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you", says the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". 
Its not that we know the plans but that we know that He knows the plans. 

     2. Ecclesiastes 3:11 - He has made everything beautiful in its time.
If we are rushed into it, we would miss the moment because everything is beautiful in its season.
Oh how I wish I too fully grasped these simple truths.
The season gone has been nothing but a learning curve and these are only but a few lessons I've learnt along the way (or must I say in the end #punintended). In hindsight, even though in the flesh it was unpleasant, it was good for the spirit.
Outfit details:
Dress - Jack Wills dress (sold out but similar styles here
Bow tie blouse - Zara. 
Shoes - T K Maxx.
 Denier shiny nylon stockings - Tesco's supermarket (Tesco value pack).
Handbag - Carvela with a River Island fluffy mirrored keychain.
Thanks for passing by.

19 October 2016

This Autumn

The last couple of weeks have consisted of many things; sadly saying farewell to a dear friend, catching up with those close to my heart, starting a new job and just last Thursday (13 Oct) I attended our annual Bling tea party at !Audacious Church and on the Friday & Saturday (14-15 Oct) our Ladies Conference.

In my next blog post I will be sharing all things Bling Conference so keep your eyes peeled.
But for now here are a few things I look forward to doing and documenting this autumn:

  1. Re-reading a favourite book.
  2. Bonfire night. 
  3. Going away on holiday with family and friends. 
  4. Going for a walk in the woods and playing in a pile of leavesπŸ‚.
  5. Visiting the farmers market. 
  6. Watching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Formula 1) with friends. 

Remind me again, how long is Autumn in the U.K. 😁
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Thanks for passing by!
Outfit details:
Shirt - Jack Wills (in season).
Jeans - Topshop (in store).
Neckpiece - Zara.

22 September 2016

a brave new ending ...

 Here in England we are slowly saying goodbye to summer and I cannot wait to embrace autumn and all that it brings. 
The early sunsets. Sweaters. Boots. Bonfires. Fireworks. Fall. Leaves. Scarves. Hot chocolate. Cuddling. Jeans. Pumpkins. Tea and crisp air. I am so happy that I live in a world where there are different seasons and true to say, in life too.
I know for a fact I've been encouraging myself to embrace each season as it comes and I love that the Word of God reminds us of this very fact in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time for everything.  
Not long ago my Senior Pastor preached a message titled Goo is good and at the time I was in goo (have been for a very long time) and when I heard the message it encouraged me to treasure the season I was in. Now that I stand on victory ground it may seem to you as if I lived everyday to the truth of what God says but that just wouldn't be true.
Hopefully if you've read my faith journey that I've shared over the last year then you would know I've had moments when I've questioned, doubted and wanted to give up. BUT just when the caterpillar thinks her life is over ... she begins to fly.
My King has won!
I bring GOOD NEWS today after a tough season. As I would hope you know by now, last September I stepped out in obedience to God's call on my life and at the time if I'm honest it didn't make sense at all, if anything, in the natural it was a complete tangent to what I supposed I should have been doing. However, I faithfully completed !Audacious School of Ministry this August 2016 despite the many hurdles that I faced along the way. Now adventure awaits as I step into a new opportunity career wise.
God has gone above and beyond what I could ever imagined, guessed or requested in my wildest dreams. 
There has been times when I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel but I continued to judge him faithful He who had promised.
I'm grateful that I was sensitive to the Spirit of God when I heard him say to journal this journey on my blog. Because not only do I get the privilege to share with you the testimony but the test and as I've shared in my suffering may you rejoice in the hope we have of sharing our faith. 
Thank you for your prayers and continued support.
Our King has won!


7 September 2016

The Undoing

I do not think I can ever articulate fully what this last year has been but in a simple statement I would call it, THE UNDOING, and if at all I've learnt anything,
 it is to STAY and abide in Him in the "not yet" season
 and I guess thats because I can only default to what I have had a personal revelation of.
 If you haven't been following my blog lately or you've missed one or two of my posts, I would encourage you to read the following posts (direct links) so you can get up to speed and understand this post in context.
 Now that you've hopefully caught up this will definitely help you to understand where we are on the journey as far as me sharing about it goes.
 Over the last couple of months I've had many moments when I've thought to myself surely pursuing my career is far worth more and in doing so I glorified what the world glorified and made it my call and comfort my idol. I cannot tell you how many times the enemy almost had me. Soon after my daughters 6th birthday, I had this overwhelming feeling to give up on the God call. Comfort was speaking louder over the calling that was on my life and I was drawing in. I went away for two weeks just to clear my mind and meditate on God's Word. I wish I could say that was a pleasant success because it wasn't and yet it didn't disqualify God's faithfulness. During that time I also visited my cousin and her family and in conversation we got to talking about our faith journey and as she shared God spoke to me through her testimony. Coincidentally it was the exact Word I had heard from God and this verse, 2 Samuel 24:24, "I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices that have cost me nothing".
Understand, I had set time aside to pursue what God had called me to and it was costing me everything (pun intended). I was out of employment but still had bills coming in every month and a dependent to support. The struggle was real and even though the conversation I had with my cousin marked a turn around, it didn't change the challenges I was facing but it certainly gave hope to what looked like a hopeless situation.
"When God speaks to us, we need to hold dear to his words because they will invariably become our lifeline and because that is the case, the enemy will try and defy it". 
Knowing this above statement, I threw myself at the promise and reminded myself what God had spoken over my life two years ago (remember the post and post?).
Can I encourage you in saying this, send your roots down deep and stay planted in God's Word, hide it in your heart and agree with it. Thats the secret.
This is spiritual warfare {Ephesians 6:12} for our call and our destinies so we have to recognise the fight for what its for and survive the soil.
What you need to know is prior to coming to this point in my life, in January I had entered into this really dark space where suddenly I didn't know how to pray anymore. It stopped being a dialogue or a conversation and became this complicated thing I made up. The new year had just begun and just like everybody else I had resolutions and #goals. However, my life was taking a different turn and all I remember was grabbing a hold of this Word, a peace that surpasses all understanding and its all I held onto.
I busked in worship. I would constantly listen to praise and worship and just sit in his presence but I didn't feel like it was enough. I was in church all the time and they prayed but occasionally I couldn't. A couple of months later I spoke to my sister about this matter. I told her my reasons and it was simply this, I was carrying bitterness of where I found myself in this season I had been called into.
Surely I had set time aside for God, I was serving his house with every fibre in my being yet in my own life EVERYTHING was going wrong.
 She advised I continue to pray in other languages as the Spirit enabled me to and allow the Holy Spirit to speak on my behalf {Acts 2:4, Romans 8:26}.
 Through a book I was also reading at the time and conversations I had with my mentor again on this matter, I started to discover that I had lost touch of an intimate relationship with my Father. I had made up this strict hierarchal ladder, with Him at the top and myself at the bottom. Every Sunday I would be reminded of how to approach my Father in Heaven and ASK yet I dared not. I was lost for words. You must understand I had asked before and faced disappointment. I was in the not yet season. I thought there is no way I can go before God with how I feel so I stayed away. I had missed the point. He was not just my Father, he was my friend.
I say this to encourage you to learn from some of my omissions, we can do everything else but without prayer we've missed out on an important link. Ephesians 6:18 reads; "Do all this in prayer, asking God's help. Pray on every occasion, as the Spirit leads...." 
It took me a good six months to come to this revelation I share today and I’ve learnt the different lessons at different points in my journey. Am I happy that I had to go through everything that I went through? Certainly not.
However, I count it all joy because who I am now is not who I was then and I'm not talking about my style or any of the outward stuff we can all magic ourselves to be. No, this is deeper and more meaningful and I can only give glory to God for who I've become and still becoming. {Hebrews 12:7-11}.
By no means am I saying I've held it all together, instead its been quite the opposite. Even now they are things God still asks of me that I can't come to terms with but I think I've become more aware of setting my sights on the realities of heaven {Colossians 3:1-3}. I still fight and sometimes ignore that God whisper but eventually I cry out, your will not mine because my way just takes longer and more effort.
Is it easy? Absolutely no!
Do I always? Absolutely no!
Am I perfect? He is.
Like I said before, I wish I could say I lived everyday to the truth of what God says but that wouldn't be true.
One of the things that helped me a lot on the journey was leaning back on his Word and to teaching I had received in October/November at Bling Conference, Jesus Culture and Staff Retreat. So be it like God to have faithfully gone before me knowing very well I would need that encouragement a few months later. Full dependence and starting the motion of vulnerability, here on the blog and in real life being main themes that stood out.
Did you know that when I felt the Spirit of God challenge me to journal this journey and I told one of my very close friends that I will be sharing my first post, test before testimony my heart sank as I lay my life down and stepped out in faith into the unknown! 
But what is faith if it doesn't have an element of the unknown.
 The ability to have people around me that I could be honest with and don’t have to act all superhuman around was crucially fundamental to surviving the season. Who I chose to journey along with changed the outcome as they all pointed me back to the God call.
In another post I will go deeper into the "UNDOING" - the uprooting, the breaking down and destroying that God had to do in me like clay in the potters hands. 
I pray you are encouraged.
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

31 August 2016

Live life from a place of rest ...

Simple yet chic with a hint of accessories to give the look a jazz; I put this outfit together with trending grazer denims that I picked up in Zara, my Banana Republic top with a pleated back and a pair of Dune heels with Swarovcki detail.
On my lips is Ruby Rush lipstick by Tom Ford that I'm testing out and unlike Mac's Ruby Woo it gives off a velvet matte finish. I say its #winning but not so much on the price.
 Over the last couple of weeks (post Audacious Conference) I've been very selfish with my time, resting and focusing my energies on other pressing matters. I was going to share a post on !Audacious Conference as well as my Protege graduation (photo) but I've decided not to as weeks have gone by. However, I'm certain these will come up in future posts so don't dismay, should you for whatever reason.
I now look forward to reuniting with my daughter, Valerie, who returns from her summer holidays. So thankful that I had an opportunity to simply REST.
If you are anything like me (or not), fuelled by a busy lifestyle then let me leave you with this encouragement; in the ultra-wired world which we live in, its necessary to consciously unplug in order to reflect, relax and refocus...
Thanks for passing by.


21 August 2016

Blog anniversary

Today is a special day in many ways but of most relevance to this platform, it is our 2nd blog anniversary! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
πŸ“·: Pinterest.
This morning as I was reading my devotions in the book "Choose life - 365 readings for radical disciples by Simon Guillebaud I came across this prayer and thought I would share it with you as I really felt it was of great significance to this next chapter. The "topic" today was,
PART TIME or ALL IN and in it was this prayer:
I come you today, O Lord,
To give up my right,
To lay down my life,
To offer my future,
To give my devotion, my skills, my energies.
I shall not waste time
Deploring my weaknesses
Nor my unfitness for the work.
I acknowledge your choice with my life
To make your Christ attractive and intelligible to those around me.
I come to you for spiritual preparation.
Put your hand upon me, anoint me with the oil
of the One with Good News.
Save me from compromise, 
heal my soul from small ambitions,
deliver me from itch to always be right,
save me from wasting time.
I accept hard work, I ask for no easy place,
help me not to judge others who walk a smoother path.
Show me those things that diminish
spiritual power in a soul.
I now consecrate my days to you, 
make your will more precious than anybody or anything.
Fill me with your power and when the end of life's journey
I see you face to face may I hear those undeserving words:
"Well done my good and faithful servant".
I ask this not for myself but for the glory of the name of your Son.
*now breathe*
If I had to use emojis to help me describe to you how I felt as I read each sentence these would speak on my behalf;
If I'm honest, I was challenged as I read through each sentence and stopped to assess the confession of my mouth. I found myself constantly gasping for air (literally) at the weight and power of this prayer. 
It was in this moment that the heart matters were questioned, am I part time or am I all in? 
My encouragement simply this: allow yourself to be challenged to the depths of your being as you search your heart with integrity and commit afresh to follow Jesus without conditions or caveats and if you may, let these words in this verse inspire you, 2 Samuel 24:24, "I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices that have cost me nothing".
Thank you for your readership, 19224 page views strong since we started two years ago and couldn't have made it this far without your continued support.
I love and appreciate you.
Remember, the best is always yet to come & if you aren't already subscribed, please do ➡️.
Stay blessed.


3 August 2016

Hillsong Conference Europe 2016

Last Wednesday (26 July) my friend and I set off for London Town to attend Hillsong Conference Europe and we arrived at the O2 just in time for the opening night. If ever you do attend Hillsong Conference I advise at all costs, do not miss the opener as it is spectacular (this photograph does it no justice and is only just a glimpse of the whole shebang).
As it is accustomed, Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church globally, Brian Houston preached on the first night a great message he titled, "TROUBLING THE TROUBLER" in context with Acts 16:16-20. 
All throughout, praise and worship was led by the Hillsong Young & Free team and I must admit I was a little distracted by the fineness of two of the lead vocalists. By the end of the night my mind was set on getting married and moving to Australia with either one of them. Can you imagine. So funny.
Thank God the next morning I was back in my right state of mind as the day began with praise and worship followed by a preach by Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevation church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He drew his message out of 2 Corinthians 10 with a sermon he titled, "THE GLITCH THAT KEEPS ON GIVING". 
Straight after his preach, Pastor Brian Houston led the "Lets talk church" session and held interviews with different evangelists, teachers and pastors in the auditorium. We also watched some pre-recorded footage from Hillsong Conference Sidney that tied in perfectly with the message he was trying to convey, "what is on the church gets on you"{Psalm 92:13}.
After a short break Hillsong London Lead Pastor, Gary Clarke came on and shared on leadership to challenges we face and how our Christianity should always be conducted within the context of relationship and straight after him was Erwin McManus, Lead Pastor of Mosaic, a church in Los Angeles, California sharing on the great commission. 
That evening, Pastor Steven Furtick preached a message he titled, "it is what it is but its not what it seems"and honestly I felt really empowered and encouraged. Many a times on this journey looking outwardly on what I've been doing the last ten months feels insignificant to what I suppose my day to day should look like.
where I've been<-------------->where I am--->where I want to be.
Above is a perfect picture of my life and the same illustration that Ps Steven Furitck used in his preach. His encouragement was simply this:
"the seed is not gone, its planted."
If you know me you would know this, time is matter and recently God just started to remind me that He is not constrained by time and you have no idea how freeing that revelation meant to me.
& I quote what Ps Steven Furtick said that night, 
"great opportunity is in the insignificant thing you are doing right now but you must survive the soil. Plant, water and STAY!"
& if thats all I heard, for me that was enough.
The next morning, Pastor Erwin McManus preached on a message he titled, "KNOW WHAT YOU WANT" and as much as I would like to get into telling you more about what I got from this message it would be essential that I take you on a few missing links first from when I last shared so you can understand the revelation in context. I will share more in one of my upcoming posts so look out. 
Back to where I was, that afternoon Pastor Bobbie Houston stirred our hearts to a softness that always thinks of others and encouraged us to let prayer do all the hard work.
After the lunch break we had a session called Spheres that aimed at empowering people to lead and impact in every sphere of life. On stage were some now prominent people sharing their journey, for example, owner of Vitae London, 911 survivor, young Zimbabwean politician (proud moment) and many others. Find out more here
Sadly, following a short break we were onto the last session for Hillsong Conference Europe 2016. Pastor Chris Mendez, Lead Pastor of Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo in Brazil closed the night with a brilliant message he titled "RAISE YOUR VOICE". The Hillsong Worship band ushered us with a few songs from their new album (coming soon) and we went away with hearts full for all that God had done in us in the past few days.
 My friend and I decided to go out for drinks, sight see and make memories (as they do at 11PM) and what an adventure that was. Initially we were going to go to Oxford Circus but decided London Bridge was easier to get to and so we went about wandering. The view of London Bridge was picturesque and we snapped a few shots. 
πŸ‘»: anitahnjonga.
 As we went about we randomly met some backslidden Christians and in conversation ended up sharing our faith and encouraging our new found friends to once again set their sights on God. If I'm honest, at first I was feeling all churched out but remembered the theme of the whole gathering, 
"The Spirit and the BRIDE say, COME! 
His invitation - perfect and grace filled.
Everyone who hears this must also say, "COME"
Our ECHO - human and grace fuelled." {Revelations 22:17 - context added.}
& if my friend and I had missed this part we had missed the whole point and would have been as good as those that didn't even attend and thank God we did not submit to our human flesh but to what the Spirit of God was leading us to do at the time.
 Faith is an action Word.  
In the end we missed our trains for the love of Christ (pun intended) and and had to hop onto the night bus which took ages to get us home and only got in at 3AM. 
The next morning was an early start, I had a hairdressers appointment, was meeting up with my lovely mother and later on catching the train back to Manchester.
I'm all rested now and just relieved that I've managed to put this post out before my next adventure. 
Thank you so much for your readership. Be blessed.


12 May 2016

Hair secrets

All the photographs above date back to end of 2014 up till now (May 2016).

I've had several people ask me about my hair hence the inspiration behind this post. 
I'm a very particular individual about a lot of things in life and that includes what hair I wear. With that being said, Peruvian hair from the get go was always on my radar (dear as it is) and its silkiness and texture were just enough to convince me of a purchase.
Looking back I have no regrets as this hair has kept me going for the last 18 months, non-stop.
  My hairdresser, Christine (who lives in London) and who I've been loyal to since coming to England purchased the hair on my behalf.
If my memory serves me well, I ordered 3 bundles of 14' inch Peruvian hair and she installed the hair onto a wig cap and didn't style it first time around because to be honest I was hanging on to every single strand worth every single penny. 
More seriously, it was just because I was still switching between wig caps (one she had made for me prior and the new one). 
 Now you need to understand this, a lot of my friends don't understand how this works. Adding on, then I had just moved to Manchester and at the time I was just starting to get myself connected in the life of church and constantly met new people, week in week out.
The whole changing hairstyles did not help people remember me (taking note my church is numerically large). 
Word of advice : it is not ideal for times when you are in such seasons to be constantly making yourself new πŸ˜‚ because you will reintroduce yourself several times to the same people. Honestly, if you see me in short hair / long hair / no hair you would assume I'm three different people. 
Besides all that, I was at that point where I wanted stability (as they do) so I made a decision that I was going to stick to one hairstyle for as long as I could and ever since then, I've been wearing this hair.
I must say, I am a little fed up now but won't be making any dramatic changes. 
Ever since getting it installed, I've asked my hairdresser on several occasions to trim it, restyle it and/or cut off split ends. I am well pleased with the current length and most likely won't be making it any shorter.
Enough blubbering, more useful information:

How I care for it?
  1. When I'm at home, I wear my natural hair out thereby giving my wig a rest. 
  2. I make sure to wash my wig at least every weekend using the Dove hair shampoo and conditioner {theres loads of different ones but I just buy any that I find on offer when I run out}.
  3. After washing, sometimes I place it on the central heating in the house (for a few minutes) instead of drying it with a towel. Then I blow dry it while I gently comb it with a wide tooth comb.
  4. When its completely dry, I apply Fantasia Frizz buster hair serum to the hair making sure I don't leave it glossy, sticky or too shiny {no more than three swirls}.
  1. The hair doesn't particularly smell because you can either take it off when cooking, for example.
  2. Better quality hair that lasts longer - as you don't have to go to bed wearing it.
  3. Its cheaper in the long run - the statement says it for itself, you spend once.
  4. Best of them all, you allow time for your natural hair to grow and can care for it without doing too much to it constantly.
FAQ: how did I get my highlights?
Believe it or not, they are natural. The only way I can best explain the mystery is the brownish highlights must be a result of frequent washes, how long I've kept the hair for and the natural light exposure from where I place my wig when I take it off.
Where I bought it?
Via my hairdresser and it was definitely affordable and has proved to be of 100% good quality.
The silk based lace closure with bleached knots (no glue) is from Whitney Marie UK.
& I think thats everything. If you have any further questions just drop me an email at anitahnjonga@gmail.com.
I understand this post was probably not for everyone but if you got this far, thanks for your readership and I hope you find this resourceful / useful.

12 April 2016

Lord, help me to have more faith ...

If you read the 'Test before Testimony' post I shared two posts back, I'm wondering if you thought, what was my response? What did I choose, God's will or my hearts desires? I say "hearts desires" very lightly here so don't get me wrong, I still believe in the God who gives us our heart desires (Psalm 37:4) but I think as we grow in the things of God (and seek to become more like Jesus) we should come to a place where we continue to say, "Your will, not mine". Like Jesus did in the account we read before his death on the cross in Matthew 26:36-39, Jesus said to his Father, "if there is any way, get me out of this. But please, not what I want. You, what do you want?". Then he finally went back again (in submission and surrender) and said, "My Father if this cup of suffering cannot be taken away unless I drink it, your will be done". Talk about Jesus hearts desires, in a moment when he felt sorrow in his heart (Matthew 26:38) and God's will for his life (to die on the cross for all mankind). If Jesus could come to that place, we ought to.
Anyway; like what people who truly love God do (pun intended) I made a choice to continue with the race God had set before me over what looked like the next best venture.
Hebrews 12:1{MSG} reads; "... it means we'd better get on with it. Strip down, start running and never quit .... keep your eyes on Jesus, who began and finished this race we are in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed ... he could put up with anything along the way, the cross, shame, whatever ...."
In the last blog post in relation to this "journey" I spoke about how I kept a spare key. What are we Christians like? πŸ˜ƒ Or is it just me? 😱 You know the stuff us Christians like to throw off, "God use me" πŸ™‹ and then we allow him into our lives and then he starts "working on us" and we basically pull out our spare keys like πŸ‘€, "hold on Jesus, its still my life" (actually its not reallyπŸ˜‰but thats another conversation for another day).
This was me anyway. Pray for me. πŸ˜‘
 As if to sound like a broken record, this is why I think we need to come to a place where we come to the end of ourselves and fully submit to God because from personal experience, trust me when I say, if we are holding onto stuff, we hinder personal growth and progress.
Many times on this journey I had to FULLY DEPEND on God (something I had never done at this magnitude in my entire life). Most importantly I had to trust in His timing. I learnt that God may not arrive when I want him to but he will always be on time and his arrival time is just the time in which he was meant to arrive. 
If I had never come to this point in my walk with Christ, I would have never known this (Psalm 119:71). 
Amazingly, teachings that I had listened to months back (here) I had to relive and apply the Word in the now & this just confirmed to me how God goes before us (Deuteronomy 31:8) and is faithful (1 Corinthians 1:9) in and through every season.
  • He was in my every step (Psalm 37:23); 
  • His Word was in season - there were moments when it felt easy to not think he was a good God but so like God to have it this way ➡️ beginning of January my church started a teaching series called #goodGod and each week, each message was relevant and spoke profoundly to my circumstances. 
  • In worship - most of the albums I shared in this post, I was still listening to. One song in particular spoke to my heart with these lyrics, 🎡should this life I live hold nothing but the cross?🎡 and I've mediated on those words as they have set deep in my Spirit and each day I ask myself that question.Since that blog post in January, I've also been listening to Bryan and Katie Torwalt album; the Here as in heaven album by Elevation worship and Housefires II album
  • Even the book we recently completed in a book lounge I'm a part of called The Proving Ground by Kevin Gerard (which I've mentioned before) was in season. In the book the author is sharing on the different challenges and tests we face in life that will prove our personal potential. I would recommend it as its one of those books I believe one will constantly find themselves reading over and over again at different stages in life, its really good.
  • & I've even found myself reading some of my old blog posts (because half the times I'm writing to myself aren't I) - specifically these two; Calling over Comfort and Seasons in life (I encourage you to read them if you haven't already).
To wrap up this post, in September last year I stepped out in faith and the journey hasn't been smooth at all. If anything, theres been a lot of pruning and root work going on in my life and that I believe is a good thing.
This is my prayer right now, "I do have faith, but not enough. Help me to have more" (Mark 9:24).
*sidenote* - that verse reminds of another song I've been listening to.
This journey doesn't end here, like I said, its a series so I will be sharing more in future blog posts. For now I am going to consider it a sheer gift when tests and challenges come at me from all sides. For under pressure, my faith-life is forced out into the open {here I am now unashamedly sharing this journey with you - something I think I would not have normally done} and show my faith its true colours {which I've been interestingly surprising myself too 😳}. I will try not to get out of this prematurely {because trust me some days I've just wanted to give up} and instead embrace this season with every hurdle that it carries. (James 1:2-4 - context added).
I truly hope that you are inspired for those difficult moments when sometimes giving up feels like the easiest option out. I encourage you to ground yourself firmly and plant yourself in the Lord. Take on God's perspective and fix your eyes on the supernatural. Hold steadfast, keep the faith, come into agreement with his Word and lay it all down to the King of Kings, he's got you, trust me, the victory has already been won.
The bearing in which you choose to stand on determines how the story will end.


5 April 2016

20 Random Facts About Me

Jumper : Banana Republic | Hat : H & M
  1. I grew up in a small mining town called Redcliff in Zimbabwe and only moved to England when I was 17.
  2. I believe in the Father (God), the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit.
  3. I live for this one day and on that day, I want to be found in Him.
  4. I am a Formula 1 fanatic.
  5. I love my food (a lot) but I just don't gain weight.
  6. Introvert or extrovert? I'm more of an introvert!
  7. I am beyond terrified of snakes especially pythons.
  8. I stop more than I run (literally).
  9. I am a bit of a perfectionist.
  10. I have the best childhood memories and if I can be half the woman my mother is I will be very pleased with myself.
  11. I think of my brother every single passing day.
  12. Pink is my favourite colour.
  13. I can't swim but I can play tennis.
  14. I love Science, its intriguing and certainly stimulates my mind. 
  15. A perfect Christmas gift to myself would be a pure white kitten. 
  16. I like to keep most of my relations sacred - I just don't like putting my whole life out there.
  17. I don't drink or smoke and certainly don't enjoy going out clubbing - nothing religious, just what I am like.
  18. I do love listening to some good old classics; the likes of Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins, Abba ....  (my father certainly taught me well).
  19. I don't drink coffee but I do prefer herbal tea to normal tea, 99% of the times.
  20. I aspire to be the best version of myself. 
Very random, off-the-cuff but I thought it would be lovely for my readers to get to know a little bit more about me.
Lets do this again soon.
Thanks for visiting my blog today and if you haven't read my previous blog post.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

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