21 October 2015

Bling Conference 2015

Oh, the weekend that was (Friday 16 to 18 Oct); wow, wow, wow!
As much as I attend one too many of these conferences in a given year, theres something special about it being in the house in which you are planted, that being !Audacious Church for myself.
 On the opening night of Bling (our womens conference) we had a great preach from our senior pastor, Sophia Barrett, on being unashamedly (Romans 1:16) dependent on God (Luke 9:23-24). She spoke about how dependence is found in relationship and how it releases power (Zechariah 4:6; John 15:5-7) and that it was time we displayed our dependence on the grace of God publicly (Mark 14:3).
Ending the night was an after-party in the lounge and free ice cream for all.
On the Saturday morning, we opened up in a great atmosphere of praise and worship followed by a preach by our Senior Pastor, Glyn Barrett who interestingly drew his message from the sociological concept of how postcodes can be used to determine the life you lead. Like I said it was a very interesting and an engaging perspective, however, in the context of the preach he used these three postcodes of life; 
RE6 R3T - REGRET - the 'if only' I had ........
GU1 LT - GUILT - what we feel .........
SH4 ME - what someone else puts on you, 'shame on you' .......
SE4 TED -  Colossians 3:1 - its important to fix our eyes on Jesus ...........
Following this preach the men served all the ladies with a free bacon butty and hot drinks and straight after we were onto the next session of the day with guest speaker, Pastor Sheryl Brady from the Potters House in Frisco, Texas. The woman was on fire so much that all the ladies were on their feet more than they were sat. I honestly cannot summarise her preach because sometimes I wasn't even taking notes but just leaning into the message, it was food for the soul.
Soon after her preach I headed out for lunch with friends.
After lunch was the 'the wild one' - a session set aside for praise, worship, prayer and testimonies. Most probably one of the most emotional sessions of the day as people encounter God and have an opportunity to soak into his presence. The miracle story that was shared I am so happy to have the same privilege to share it with you here on the blog sometime soon. On that account this one story will draw back to the vision of inspiring and a great reminder of God's miracle power and goodness. Wait on it : )
Back to Bling, after the wild one session was a short chocolate break and we were sadly onto the last session of the day with yet another great preach from Ps Sheryl Brady and a finale from our creative team.
Good news is, I will be giving away a USB/download of all the preaches that were shared during Bling Conference. Simply share this blog post on any one of your social media sites (links to share are down below), email me at anitahnjonga@gmail.com and this resource will be sent out to you via your preferred postage {first come, first serve}.
So grateful for our Kids team for taking good care of all the children (including my daughter) all day so the mums could enjoy the full Bling experience kid-free. The great stories my daughter shared of their adventurous day at Gullivers World theme park were so heart warming.
The beautiful gift from our Senior Pastor, the privilege of sharing this experience with one of my dearest friends and later on hearing what this experience meant for her; not forgetting, the heart and vision our leaders carry to make all this possible are only but a few other reasons why my heart is full and I'm so grateful to have been a part of Bling 2015.
 In the past I've shared other posts related to Bling, click here and here to have a browse or recap; but theres something more special about making a divine appointment, setting time aside and creating space in our lives to hear from God. I encourage you to join us next year.
Thanks for stopping by.

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