5 May 2015

Hillsong Colour Conference 2015

Photo credit : Pastor Bobbie Houston and Hillsong London Instagram.

As you might have already guessed, I did not vlog neither did I take my own photographs - except for the few I posted on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
To be honest, I realised how much I simply wanted to enjoy the experience as it is without any distractions & at the end of the day, you are in God's presence, better to soak in and absorb & that I certainly did.
As expected, Hillsong did as they only know how to, world class everythinggggggg!
The line up was amazing, featuring the ever-so-lovely host Bobbie and Brian Houston, Joyce Meyer, DawnChere Wilkerson and the beautiful Beth Moore.
Each and every one of them brought a profound word that spoke volume to the multitudes of women that filled the Wembley Arena.
It was so estatic to hear women from all corners of Europe and beyond together in worship and praise under no other name but JESUS. There is absolutely no other place in this world I would have rather been. 
The astounding atmosphere - the opening night, the Hillsong band, the 'Lets talk Sisterhood' sessions, the performances 'outside church parameters', the beautiful gift, the flag wave and many other precious moments made my Colour Conference experience a beautiful dream.
An experience such as this can never really be bottled up in the best of videos, photographs or through words intricately strung together. Something this special needs to be experienced for one self. 
Ladies, down below is a teaser of next years Colour Conference if you would love to lock yourself in.
Thanks for joining us. 
You might not hear from me for a little while but I will be back soon and I certainly have a little something to share with you that God pressed on my heart during this conference.
But for now I've got to love and leave you, stay blessed x

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