25 April 2015

Be Found

Dress & Shoes : Zara 
If you should know, I'm probably one of the most inconsistent people you will ever meet. So time and again I need little pick-me-ups and replenishment regimes and for one, attending Church conferences/ gatherings has always proved to be a good one. This year will be my first ever experience of Hillsong Colour Conference in London. My countdown has just begun.
Ideally, I plan to vlog the entire experience but I know for a fact that I won't have enough time to edit the footage upon my return. However, I will definitely keep my Twitter (here) and Instagram (here) accounts up to date as much as possible & of course, I will write a blog post and share pictures in my EVENTS category having failed to vlog.
Here in England, this past week the sun has been so good to us.
Its been a fantastic opportunity to wear bright colours and that brings me to talking about this dress I'm wearing. Ladies you will be excited to know that its currently retailing in Zara stores nationwide and online (subject to availability) and in a great choice of a yellow colour too.

Be blessed & see you in the next blog post as I share with you my 'Colour' experience.
Be found is the Hillsong Colour 2015 Conference theme. 


18 April 2015

Interview : Kristyna Myles

Early on in January we announced that we will be hosting INTERVIEWS on the blog.
 So good to have you join us today as we launch this new category called 'Hear Their Story'. What an amazing opportunity we have here at Fashion & Faith to connect with different people in different walks of life and as we do so, have the privilege and honour of hosting them on our site.
Our hope and vision for this new platform is for it to be an inspiration to all our readers. 
With us today is the beautiful and most talented Kristyna Myles; a must see talent" METRO
MOBO Award Nominee for Best Gospel Act.
It brings us great pleasure to share this interview with you, we truly hope you enjoy and are inspired.
1.    Congratulations on your new album launch. Tell us what that means for you.
I feel very grateful to have been able to make a second album & it was thanks to such incredible supporters who pre-ordered the album & pledged for incentives through Pledgemusic. It means a lot that there are people who enjoy my music & wanted me to make another album, I couldn't have done it without their financial help, as you can imagine there are lots of costs involved in making an album.
2.    Is music what you have always wanted to do? - or was it a matter of God's calling over your life? If so, how did you know?
I loved music & would sing at every opportunity growing up- in the school choir, assemblies, at church, around the house!! My parents had always supported me in wanting to carry on studying music & I always had a passion for that over every other subject. I started to write songs properly (not ones about my pets like I did when I was 7) at the age of 14 & just loved the fact you could do that to express yourself. It was a natural progression to keep studying music up until University, so it was through that passion I kept carrying on. 
3.    Where does your motivation or inspiration come from?
For me my motivation is living a life that is going to make God smile & one that's full of purpose. At the moment I feel that's shining His light through the music He's gifted me with. With writing music I'm inspired by experiences & lessons I've learned or other people have shared with me.
4.    What does a day in the life of Kristyna Myles look like and how do you manage to balance everything with your walk with God?
My day varies lots depending on whether I'm releasing an album, recording, touring, starting a campaign to raise funds for an album or doing a function gig which is my regular way of earning a living.  My aim each morning whatever the type of season I'm in is to read a devotional with my breaky to start the day dedicating it to God. Keeping up to date on social media is another constant whatever the schedule. I definitely need to factor in exercise cause I can get so into answering emails or driving to a gig that I'm sat down for a lot of the day & haven't had enough movement! If I've missed church, podcasts are a great way of catching up on sermons.
5.    What would you say has been the greatest challenge for you in the music industry and how have you overcome it?
I've had lots haha! I feel the greatest challenge though was realising my identity wasn't in a record label and living each day to live up to their expectations wasn't a healthy way of doing things. I had signed a deal with a major label in 2010 & it was an incredible opportunity, I recorded an album with a Grammy award winning producer & got to record with my band, my childhood dream had came true! As the period of waiting for what was happening next began to get longer & I had to wait sometimes for months for answers on whether they'd release anything, I realise I now it was a learning process. It was a tough time & parting company was too but I know now that my identity is in God (not a record company) & I don't have to prove I'm worthy or talented enough. I know I just need to do the best I can, work hard & trust God's plan. 
6.    Some of the genre of your music includes God, in an ever-so-diverse society where people have different beliefs do you ever worry that records might not sell? Would you ever compromise?
I feel inspired to write songs that reflect my values as a Christian in my music. Some songs are more obvious that they're about God but  when people tell me they can see something different in me & realise that's God shining through that's so special & I feel like I'm living out my purpose. I want people to know God loves them & has a plan & purpose for them so some of my songs will reflect that. Hopefully the people that need to hear that will hear it. If I didn't sing & write about songs I believed in I'd be compromising.
7.    Can you tell us a little bit about your work as supporter of the Tear Fund charity?
A lovely lady called Emma Hurrell got in contact with me to tell me about the amazing work Tearfund do- they go where the need is greatest and are passionate about ending poverty. They work through local churches & help communities realise the answer to poverty is within themselves. Tearfund were part of the Enough Food If campaign where 100s of charities came together to speak up about the global hunger crisis. The notion is that there's enough food in the world to fead everyone but still millions of people are dying of hunger & we can put a stop to it together. Strides have been made since that campaign but there are still ongoing struggles that need to be addressed. I wrote a song called the IFsong (check out my YouTube page) to raise awareness of this & whenever I can talk about Tearfund I wanna big them up because they're amazing.
8.    I had the privilege of attending one of your album launch gigs in Manchester, amazing that was by the way, and I know you've since done another two in Leicester and London, are they any other dates we need to keep our eyes peeled out for?
Thanks so much for coming, so glad you enjoyed the gig! I'll be playing a few festivals this summer- Big Church Day Out, Kingsstock & I'm in discussion with a couple more which I'll post up on my website gig listing. Hopefully more gigs across the country too :)
9.    Lastly, what would your advice be to those like yourself trying to start a career in music?
I would say if you're literally just starting out as a singer/songwriter to perform as much as possible at open mics & get a set of your strongest songs to perform at a venue in your city & encourage your friends & family to come, it's great practice to perform infront of people as it's a totally different experience performing to your teddies! I'd recommend contacting local promoters & asking them to put you on a night with complementary artists/bands, this is a great way of performing to new audiences, if you guarantee you can bring an audience the promoter will be more inclined to ask you to do more shows and soon you'll have a support network/fanbase. Write as much as possible & if you know other people to write with too that can be a great way of creating music. Find and define your sound & have a strong presence on social media, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and there are others too but I like these 3 best. Having a website with a 'contact' page is also great so people can get in touch, sometimes from opposite sides of the world!
Listen to Kristyna Myles video to I'm getting rid of this (single)
Direct links to Kristyna Myles website , Facebook , Twitter , Soundcloud , YouTube and Instagram .. be sure to check that out and don't forget you can grab your 'Paint a Brighter day' album out now on iTunes here.
Thanks for being with us.
Email us your feedback at anitahnjonga@gmail.com, we would so love to hear from you.

Stay blessed x
Hashtag: "Dream big or you will limit me" - God.


8 April 2015

The Time Is Now

Shoes : Zara | Jeans : (bought in the U.S, can't remember store) - similar style in Zara | 
| Blouse & Clutch : River Island | Neckpiece : New Look |

We are excited to let you know that we have an all NEW category we will be introducing in the next blog post so keep your eyes peeled.
We pray you enjoyed the Easter holidays.
Here's a new favourite of mine, Habbakkuk 2 verse 2-3 which reads: "And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, so that it can be read at glance.
Put in in writing, for the vision is yet for an appointed time. But the time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true. It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed".
Wooo hooo, I don't know about you but this gets me excited.
Have an awesome week.
The time is now, this is our time. 


2 April 2015

Calvary Covers It All

| Dress & Cardigan : Next | Easter basket : Paperchase |

In the Easter garden
the daffodils are blooming; 
In the Easter Garden
The risen Lord is seen.

In the Easter Garden
We know that God above 
Brings us all to heaven
Through Jesus and his love.

This very short poem truly does summarise it all.
Forget the Easter bunnies, bonnets, baskets and eggs, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ died and rose again so that you and me may be saved!
We read of the "Easter story" in Matthew 28 verses 1-20; Mark 16 verses 1-20; Luke 24 verses 1-49 and John 20 verses 1-21:25.
He paid the price so that you and I can be saved.
Maybe you are reading this today and you don't yet know Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour and you feel this is the decision you would love to make for your life then I would love it if you joined me in this prayer: 

"Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen." 

If you just said this prayer and you meant it with all your heart and you have repented for your sins, I believe that you just got saved and are born again.

Hillsong Worship - Calvary

Kari Jobe - Forever

Enjoy the Easter holidays.

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