21 October 2015

Bling Conference 2015

Oh, the weekend that was (Friday 16 to 18 Oct); wow, wow, wow!
As much as I attend one too many of these conferences in a given year, theres something special about it being in the house in which you are planted, that being !Audacious Church for myself.
 On the opening night of Bling (our womens conference) we had a great preach from our senior pastor, Sophia Barrett, on being unashamedly (Romans 1:16) dependent on God (Luke 9:23-24). She spoke about how dependence is found in relationship and how it releases power (Zechariah 4:6; John 15:5-7) and that it was time we displayed our dependence on the grace of God publicly (Mark 14:3).
Ending the night was an after-party in the lounge and free ice cream for all.
On the Saturday morning, we opened up in a great atmosphere of praise and worship followed by a preach by our Senior Pastor, Glyn Barrett who interestingly drew his message from the sociological concept of how postcodes can be used to determine the life you lead. Like I said it was a very interesting and an engaging perspective, however, in the context of the preach he used these three postcodes of life; 
RE6 R3T - REGRET - the 'if only' I had ........
GU1 LT - GUILT - what we feel .........
SH4 ME - what someone else puts on you, 'shame on you' .......
SE4 TED -  Colossians 3:1 - its important to fix our eyes on Jesus ...........
Following this preach the men served all the ladies with a free bacon butty and hot drinks and straight after we were onto the next session of the day with guest speaker, Pastor Sheryl Brady from the Potters House in Frisco, Texas. The woman was on fire so much that all the ladies were on their feet more than they were sat. I honestly cannot summarise her preach because sometimes I wasn't even taking notes but just leaning into the message, it was food for the soul.
Soon after her preach I headed out for lunch with friends.
After lunch was the 'the wild one' - a session set aside for praise, worship, prayer and testimonies. Most probably one of the most emotional sessions of the day as people encounter God and have an opportunity to soak into his presence. The miracle story that was shared I am so happy to have the same privilege to share it with you here on the blog sometime soon. On that account this one story will draw back to the vision of inspiring and a great reminder of God's miracle power and goodness. Wait on it : )
Back to Bling, after the wild one session was a short chocolate break and we were sadly onto the last session of the day with yet another great preach from Ps Sheryl Brady and a finale from our creative team.
Good news is, I will be giving away a USB/download of all the preaches that were shared during Bling Conference. Simply share this blog post on any one of your social media sites (links to share are down below), email me at anitahnjonga@gmail.com and this resource will be sent out to you via your preferred postage {first come, first serve}.
So grateful for our Kids team for taking good care of all the children (including my daughter) all day so the mums could enjoy the full Bling experience kid-free. The great stories my daughter shared of their adventurous day at Gullivers World theme park were so heart warming.
The beautiful gift from our Senior Pastor, the privilege of sharing this experience with one of my dearest friends and later on hearing what this experience meant for her; not forgetting, the heart and vision our leaders carry to make all this possible are only but a few other reasons why my heart is full and I'm so grateful to have been a part of Bling 2015.
 In the past I've shared other posts related to Bling, click here and here to have a browse or recap; but theres something more special about making a divine appointment, setting time aside and creating space in our lives to hear from God. I encourage you to join us next year.
Thanks for stopping by.


23 September 2015

Stepping out in faith

 | Blazer and neckpiece : Zara | 
| Jeans : Topshop | Top : H & M |
In one of my last blog posts I spoke about the new era - what it could possibly look like but really, do we know? 
A new era - you have never been that way before - you are moving into unchartered waters and stepping out into the unknown & should you sail along, its going to require faith
Faith in Hebrews 11 verse 1 is described as being certain of things we cannot see.
*roll back* after completing my undergraduate studies, I received a certificate and a little note from my University that read: 
"Congratulations, now what?"
Society or rather the world in which we operate in has arranged patterns and conformed standards we are to fit in, for example, education comes first (at least up to the age of 18). In turn, this creates time frames that are considered more ideal for one to kick start their career. If you come from a background like my own, gap years are per say a taboo.
It pretty much goes like this; education > career > house > marriage > kids > everything in between then finally retirement.
But I think who we are should be determined by whose we are and that should govern how we do life altogether. So when it comes to the different seasons in our lives, the question should be, what is God saying now?
My journey, this journey I'm sharing today has been long going and its not been easy despite a great sense of the spirit of God pressing something on my heart (Protégé) and confirming this is ONE of the things I was suppose to be doing in this new season in my life.
At the time if I'm honest I was very career focused and looked at it with a worldly perspective, education > career > & everything that comes thereafter but I had to stop and look at my life through God's lens. Romans 12 verse 2 reminded me to not conform to the standards of this world but to allow God to renew my mind then I would know his perfect will for my life.
Obedience was key in order to move forward and I also had to trust and surrender my whole life to God and that included my dreams etc.  
Looking back now I said I followed God but when it came to Him calling me and setting me apart not for my selfish desires but for His cause, was I there to answer? Sadly, not the first time, I needed time to think about it, I thought I could work around it, I totally forgot he was God and still put my selfish desires first before Him and so, was he really first in my life? One day as I was driving home I really had a deep conviction as I was listening to my usual Christian music and stopped to pay attention to the lyrical content and assess if I meant the words I was singing to.
To claim that we believe is not enough, the call of Jesus is one that demands action.
After making the decision to go ahead with what I felt God had placed on my heart, there was a great sense of peace and I can testify that there is no greater fulfilment in life than setting time aside for God. God time is never time wasted and all God asks of us is that we come as empty vessels and he was fill up (2 Kings 4). Faithful is he who has called you, he will complete it (1 Thessalonians 5 verse 24).
If we, and all we have, belong to God, then actually we own nothing and owe everything to Him.
After all, in John 15 verse 16 Jesus says, 'you did not choose me; I chose you and appointed you to go and bear much fruit ...... '
No great thing ever comes out of comfort zones, allow God to stretch you and use you to fulfil your purpose in life.
Thank you so much for your readership and I hope you have been blessed.

Philippians 3 verse 7 to 11


4 September 2015

Interior Inspiration

 (90% of the items I own are bought on sale and here are a few places in relation:

 I've been randomly sharing photographs of certain parts of my home on my Instagram and Facebook and I've had people ask me all different kinds of questions in regards to home decor. I am definitely not a pro but I can recommend Pinterest as one way to find inspiration and spur your creative side.
Other than that I have a few things I can share that I found have worked for me: 
  1. If not now when?! Sometimes in life people wait for the right moment, job, house, partner etc. to progress to the next level but I say, start now! It doesn't matter whether you are renting an apartment or you own a home, make your house a home - after all, its the place you come to every day - make it worth coming to.  
  2. Its not going to be overnight!
  3. Know what you want! - what is out there on the market will always be enticing and will come with a very good offer but stick to what you really want!
  4. Quality is a very important factor and sometimes good quality furniture is expensive but remember Gumtree, eBay etc. are always alternative outlets where you will find people selling furniture still in excellent/good condition that they don't want/need anymore. You can type in things like 'Furniture in your city' ; 'Dwell Furniture' ; 'Next Furniture' etc. depending on what you are looking for and what brands you prefer.
  5. Be willing to wait - if you stay in the UK you should know that everything eventually goes on sale and theres always offers all year round. If you are like myself, not moved much by the latest trends then I would recommend Boxing Day as the best time of the year to buy most interiors.
  6. Know your budget!
  7. If something doesn't serve its purpose anymore, let it go! Minimalism is a big deal for myself but then again that might be different for you.
Heres a book I've seen a friend share called, 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up', I've read good reviews on it so maybe that might be resourceful.

I hope I have managed to cover most of what I know and if theres anything else you would like to know drop me an email at anitahnjonga@gmail.com and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.
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27 August 2015

New era

Dress : Topshop 
  Its officially been one month since I last blogged but in the ultra-wired world which we live in, I find it necessary to consciously unplug in order to reflect, relax and refocus. So do I run this race of life? Absolutely. Do I stop? Sadly, all the time. I mean, we all start a new year with full speed and potential then suddenly that passionate and energised feeling to take action isn't just there anymore. Thankfully at Hillsong and !Audacious Conference I listened to great teaching that was so profound, my heart was full, mind renewed and I knew a new era was ready to begin.
BUT first I had to work on finding a new balance and structure.
 Growing, as thats part of the journey, I've since taken off most of the attention off me because I've come to discover that my story only relates to a few thousand hence I've since opened up the platform to others so you may hear their story and be inspired.
Learning more and more about what God requires of me and finding myself in the process has also changed the way I do life and this to some extent influences some of the changes I've made (which you may or may not notice).
*roll back* week in, week out, I truthfully write my heart out and its never just a blog post. For I learnt this long ago, 'do as though you were doing it for God, serve as though you were serving God'. Ephesians 6 vs 7, Colossians 3 vs 23.
When I initially launched this blog I accredited it as the place I would share my life journal, most of which are life lessons I'm learning along the way. Theres so much more I would love for this platform to offer such as beauty, home, food and travel inspirations but I would hate to live my life to write about it and/or miss my purpose whilst occupying my time in other ventures. Having said that the last one month has therefore comprised of making decisions that may or may not favour everybody. But one thing I've constantly reminded myself is: "this is how I choose to do life - this is who I am and I'm going to stay true to that". Its amazing how society will try and shape us and then sometimes we also find ourselves playing the comparison game but I like how the Word of God reminds us in Romans 12 verse 2: 'Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God - what is good and is pleasing to him and is perfect'. 
Heres to a few things to expect in this new season on the blog :

  1. To become a writer one must be a reader first. Sad to say I'm not a big reader (unless its a Science related book or my Bible) but I plan on changing that. From here on I will be sharing in a new "Book & CD" series, a book I would have been reading at the time and an album I would have been listening to the most. With each 'Book and CD' blog post I share will follow a giveaway of whatever resources I would have shared and this will take place every month.
  2. I'm not sure if you've noticed but I don't always wear the latest trends because to be quite honest I'm not so much of a fashion trend setter and I purchase most of my clothing items in the sales. Anyhow moving forward I will try and merge my personal style with a few 'in season' looks and bring some interesting fashion posts at least every two months. No promises because that depends on my bank balance and if the trend suits me or not.
  3. On hear their story we've already shared two interview structured inspirations but we will be bringing more stories/interviews/testimonies etc. from different people in different walks of life that will hopefully inspire.
  4. Even though I still have two more Conferences to attend this year, I do also have other events planned that I hope to share with you all in future blog posts.

*sidenote* - I know I said a long time ago on my social networks I would share on !Audacious Conference but I was actively volunteering for the most part and was therefore unable to jot down sufficient notes to share on the blog. However take a look at this link to some of the highlights and a trailer of !Audacious Conference 2016. It would be great if you could join us.

Lastly, just the other day as I was scrolling through the internet (as they do), I ran into this and I know I've raved on about this one too many times but listen guys theres a lot of wisdom shared, its a must listen.
 Thanks for taking the time to hear me unpack a months worth of blog posts into one, I truly appreciate your readership. 


21 August 2015

Blog Anniversary

Here's to one year of blogging and 11 922 total page views all thanks to you my amazing readers and subscribers. Thank you for continued support.



26 July 2015

Hillsong Conference 2015 Europe

All the above photographs belong to the Hillsong team.

Thursday and Friday gone, 23 & 24 July I attended Hillsong Conference nights and the theme to this years conference was 'Speak God we are listening'. I went in so expectant to hear from God and he certainly spoke. Pastor Joseph Prince and Jentezen Franklin preached so profoundly and my heart was full. 
As I always say, an experience such as this can never really be bottled up in the best of videos, photographs or through words intricately strung together, something this special needs to be experienced for one self. When I go into an atmosphere such as this I leave stretched and inspired.

Over the years I've heard people ask, "what is the one cause you fight for?" and to be quite honest I've never had one cause I could actually put a finger on but one thing I do know is:
my heart yearns to see people planted in church and taste the goodness of God. I strongly believe that if a person fellowships long enough, something, one day will certainly be stirred up in their hearts that will ultimately change their lives forever!
It has been my living testimony and what a privilege it is that I get to journey along with my daughter.
Take a peak at the trailer of Hillsong Conference 2016.
*I hope to unpack some of the teachings in future blog posts.
Thank you for passing by.
Stay blessed. 


10 July 2015

Speak we are listening

| Dress : Monsoon (sale) |
Many thanks to Hillsong backstage and Daystar I managed to live stream most of Hillsong Conference 2015 in Sidney last week. The morning show with Phil and Sanga was so ridiculously funny and so kept me awake (considering Australia - U.K time differences). Out of all the messages I listened to I connected with Rick Warren's message on how to hear the voice of God and how to test an impression. Down below are some of the notes I wrote and thought to share with you.  

    • Start with an attitude of submission (Exodus 4). 
    • You must believe that God cares about the details of your life - ( Matthew 10 vs 30). Because he loves us (John 3 vs 16) and love pays attention.
    • When you ask, be specific - (James 1 vs 5-6).   
    • You must believe that God wants to answer your questions - Habakkuk 1 (questions) & 2 (answers). 

     "The reason we seldom hear God's voice is because we are not tuned in"
    1. Withdraw - get intimate with God in a quiet place (Habakkuk 2 vs 1&2).
    2. Wait - calm your thoughts and emotions (Habakkuk 2 vs 1) & be still (Psalm 46).
    3. Sit in silence and wait on God (Psalm 62 vs 5).
    4. Read the Word of God (Habakkuk 2 vs 1).
    5. Write down the insights of what He reveals to you (Habakkuk 2 vs 2&3).
    6. Review regularly what God has shown so you can test the impressions (Habakkuk 2 vs 2).
    Say the word - Hillsong United.
    "How do you test if the Word is from God?"
    1. Ask yourself, is it consistent with the Bible? Does it line up with the Word of God?  (Luke 21 vs 33).
    2. Will it make me more like Jesus Christ?(2 Corinthians 10 vs 5).
    3. Does my church family confirm it? (Ephesians 3 vs 10). The Christian life is more than believing and its also belonging, you are part of a family so the wisdom of the righteous - Godly council is critical. (Proverbs 11 vs 9).
    4. Is it consistent with how God shaped you? (Ephesians 2 vs 10). Is it how God wired you - talents, strengths etc.
    5.  Is it convicting rather than condemning? (John 16 vs 8) (Revelations 12 vs 10) and do I sense a peace of God about it? (Colossians 3 vs 15).
    I hope you find these notes resourceful and if you do want to listen to all the other messages that were equally profound click here.
    I hope you enjoy and are blessed.
     Thanks for stopping by.


    24 June 2015

    Stay the path!

    For full outfit look - check out my Instagram and Facebook.
    Wearing - Zara (currently retailing in stores and online)

    I've been soaking into some great teachings over the past weeks and I thought to just quickly share some of them on the blog. 
    1. Pastor Sophia Barrett of !Audacious church preached a message on : "Never been this way before." : what are you allowing to come before your eyes and into your heart that distances you from the presence of God? 
    2. & then I turned to an old favourite, Bishop T.D Jakes who preached on the message : "The instinct to shift." - a great listen!
    3. Last but not least, one of my current favourites, Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Church sharing on a message I've already shared on the blog : Calling over Comfort - a message I absolutely love and just had to hear all over again. Do have a listen.

    I've also had music I've been endlessly playing including the 'we will not be shaken' - Bethel Music album, I encourage you to have a listen, the lyrics will invariably become your lifeline (literally).
    All links are clickable (click on title) and I hope you will find these resources useful as they each bring a different and unique message.
     Commit to the path
    Don't fear the road
    & don't draw back from it
    Stay the path! - Bobbie Houston 
    (Romans 5 verse 4)
    Be blessed and thanks for stopping by.

    15 June 2015

    Bling Tea Party 2015

    At my church, !Audacious, we love a good party and we sure know how to throw one.
    Friday gone (12 June) was our annual ladies Bling Tea Party and the theme was SEASIDE and so the beach was brought to us (literally)
    To create the vibe, the lounge and foyers were specially decorated with beach umbrellas, towels, chairs, blankets, straw mats and all things seaside and with just over 500 ladies, the sold out party was packed and ready to kick off. 
    In the main church, the tables were set to a standard with the cutest sand buckets, paper pinwheels, pink straws and monochromic tumblers and ice cream cups.

    Altogether it was a great night to see into the summer with girlfriends, catching up as well as making new friends. With tonnes of entertainment lined up and yummy eats, the night was packed full of fun and in between was a great opportunity to visit the stalls that lavished with goodies. 
    So grateful for all the men that lovingly served the ladies so well catering to every need in the room and for the vision and the hearts our leaders carry. Some of the inspirational stories that were briefly shared on the night were so uplifting for people in different walks of life.
    It is such a privilege to be in a good church with good fun ("fun" others would seek elsewhere).
    I always say, find a good church and you will find a happy place (click here for a recap).
    For a day is His courts is better than a thousand elsewhere, Psalms 84 verse 10. 
     I encourage you to join us for these and many other events that we have at my church. If you may recall, last year in October I shared on the blog my first ever Bling Conference experience (if you need a recap click here ) and this is happening again this year on the 16th-17th of October. Our host, Pastor Sophia Barrett and guest Pastor, Sheryl Brady will be bringing special teachings under the theme Unashamed and it would be great if you could join us.
    Thank you for passing by.
    Stay blessed.


    6 June 2015

    Interview : Lily-Jo

    Lily-Jo is a pop soul singer songwriter from Manchester, UK. She comes from three generations of musicians and grew up singing in church. After studying Performing Arts at college she went on to perform backing vocals alongside the likes of Damon Albarn, Nenah Cherry, De La Soul, Roots Manuva, and Shaun Ryder. 2014 saw Lily-Jo transition to the front of the stage as she released her self-titled debut mini EP with a gig at Glastonbury Festival and a whole range of national and local press coverage including BBC, UCB, and Premier. Lily-Jo has a passion to inspire hope within people and writes songs that she hopes will create positive vibes. 
    It is truly a privilege and an honour to have her join us here on our site.
    Brand new EP launch is almost here. Tell us what that means for you.
    It's so amazing to finally have my very own EP! I can't tell you how many times I've tried in the past to make a project like this happen and it's never seemed to work out. There were a lot of shut doors, yet this has been so easy and straightforward to complete. That's what happens when you work with pro's! I was signed late last year to independent Manchester record label LIGHT and they've really driven the project forward. The team have really got behind me and worked really hard.
    I am personally looking forward to your launch party happening on Tuesday the 9th of June here in Manchester, any other dates we need to keep our eyes peeled out for?
    I am doing an EP launch party in London too at The Bedford, Balham with Premier Radio! Really looking forward to that. I'm playing a few of the festivals too. My website (here) has all the details of upcoming shows and appearances.
    You have released two EP's so far in your career, any reason why that is so, any chance of a full album in the near future?
    The first mini EP that I released was completely self funded and so three tracks was really all I could afford. It costs a lot of money working with producers and musicians and because it was my first record I almost needed to check it was viable and that people liked my music before investing thousands into something that wasn't going to fly. Off the back of that mini EP I got signed so it was well and truly worth doing. In this industry you really have to invest a lot of time and money for little return. Music is a very expensive hobby until it begins to pay off. The label were keen to put five tracks out and see how I went down with crowds before investing into an album. Hopefully an album will come.
    Is music what you have always wanted to do?
    Music is what I always wanted to do! I love music! I always wanted to be a performer. When I was 16-18 I did a GNVQ in Performing arts at college and from there I toured with a pop band called Nu Image. Those days were really fun! I never thought I'd have my own solo project necessarily but this is the way it's all turned out and I'm really happy.
    Pop soul singer songwriter, where does your motivation or inspiration come from?
    My inspiration comes from the people in my world. My family, my friends. I also find that my work as a counsellor is really significant as it helps me to see and feel the world through numerous peoples lives and experiences. Bring me back from my New EP is a song that has most definitely been inspired by the many people I see who suffer from depression, anxiety, self harm, loss. I really hope that my music can help to bring healing & freedom to people just like my role as a counsellor does.
    What does a day-in-the-life of Lily Jo look like and how do you manage to balance everything with your walk with God?
    I find that I have to be super organised in order to fit everything into each day. Each day I am managing a home with a husband, two kids, and a dog, a solo career, and counsellor job. God is very much in the centre and a part of everything I do. 
     I think having a balance and an abundance of patience are real keys that help! I also have amazing support from family who live close by, without them there is absolutely no way I could do what I do. Social media is also a great tool that I use a lot which can be done from home. I try and eat well and exercise well in order to keep healthy enough to maintain the busyness.
        Live shows and radio, how do you overcome the nerves, if any?
    Nerves are a pain! I do get nervous. I find smiling helps! I find talking to myself positively in the mirror helps (I try do this when no one is around! I say things like 'you can do this!' 'you've got this!' etc.
     Lastly, what would your advice be to those like yourself trying to start a career in music? 
    You got to always be ready for any opportunity that might come up. It's all about good preparation, always be on top of your game. Rehearse as often as possible, keep as healthy as possible by following a really great diet, research people you love and find out how they got where they got. I like to film myself and watch it back or perform in the mirror. It's painful to watch or listen back but that way you can see your flaws and make them better. Always ask people you trust for some good critical honest feedback. Again, painful but helpful!!!!  
     Lily-Jo's brand new EP is out on iTunes Sunday 7th of June. To purchases tickets to her launch party (Manchester and London) click here. Lily-Jo is also available on (clickable links) :
     Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , You Tube , Sound Cloud , Google , Pinterest , Tumbler.
    Thank you for joining us as we shared another "Hear Their Story" on the blog.
    Stay inspired.

    25 May 2015


    | Skirt : River Island | Top : Primark | Hair piece : Oasis |

    Its no secret that I love pink.

    5 May 2015

    Hillsong Colour Conference 2015

    Photo credit : Pastor Bobbie Houston and Hillsong London Instagram.

    As you might have already guessed, I did not vlog neither did I take my own photographs - except for the few I posted on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
    To be honest, I realised how much I simply wanted to enjoy the experience as it is without any distractions & at the end of the day, you are in God's presence, better to soak in and absorb & that I certainly did.
    As expected, Hillsong did as they only know how to, world class everythinggggggg!
    The line up was amazing, featuring the ever-so-lovely host Bobbie and Brian Houston, Joyce Meyer, DawnChere Wilkerson and the beautiful Beth Moore.
    Each and every one of them brought a profound word that spoke volume to the multitudes of women that filled the Wembley Arena.
    It was so estatic to hear women from all corners of Europe and beyond together in worship and praise under no other name but JESUS. There is absolutely no other place in this world I would have rather been. 
    The astounding atmosphere - the opening night, the Hillsong band, the 'Lets talk Sisterhood' sessions, the performances 'outside church parameters', the beautiful gift, the flag wave and many other precious moments made my Colour Conference experience a beautiful dream.
    An experience such as this can never really be bottled up in the best of videos, photographs or through words intricately strung together. Something this special needs to be experienced for one self. 
    Ladies, down below is a teaser of next years Colour Conference if you would love to lock yourself in.
    Thanks for joining us. 
    You might not hear from me for a little while but I will be back soon and I certainly have a little something to share with you that God pressed on my heart during this conference.
    But for now I've got to love and leave you, stay blessed x


    25 April 2015

    Be Found

    Dress & Shoes : Zara 
    If you should know, I'm probably one of the most inconsistent people you will ever meet. So time and again I need little pick-me-ups and replenishment regimes and for one, attending Church conferences/ gatherings has always proved to be a good one. This year will be my first ever experience of Hillsong Colour Conference in London. My countdown has just begun.
    Ideally, I plan to vlog the entire experience but I know for a fact that I won't have enough time to edit the footage upon my return. However, I will definitely keep my Twitter (here) and Instagram (here) accounts up to date as much as possible & of course, I will write a blog post and share pictures in my EVENTS category having failed to vlog.
    Here in England, this past week the sun has been so good to us.
    Its been a fantastic opportunity to wear bright colours and that brings me to talking about this dress I'm wearing. Ladies you will be excited to know that its currently retailing in Zara stores nationwide and online (subject to availability) and in a great choice of a yellow colour too.

    Be blessed & see you in the next blog post as I share with you my 'Colour' experience.
    Be found is the Hillsong Colour 2015 Conference theme. 


    18 April 2015

    Interview : Kristyna Myles

    Early on in January we announced that we will be hosting INTERVIEWS on the blog.
     So good to have you join us today as we launch this new category called 'Hear Their Story'. What an amazing opportunity we have here at Fashion & Faith to connect with different people in different walks of life and as we do so, have the privilege and honour of hosting them on our site.
    Our hope and vision for this new platform is for it to be an inspiration to all our readers. 
    With us today is the beautiful and most talented Kristyna Myles; a must see talent" METRO
    MOBO Award Nominee for Best Gospel Act.
    It brings us great pleasure to share this interview with you, we truly hope you enjoy and are inspired.
    1.    Congratulations on your new album launch. Tell us what that means for you.
    I feel very grateful to have been able to make a second album & it was thanks to such incredible supporters who pre-ordered the album & pledged for incentives through Pledgemusic. It means a lot that there are people who enjoy my music & wanted me to make another album, I couldn't have done it without their financial help, as you can imagine there are lots of costs involved in making an album.
    2.    Is music what you have always wanted to do? - or was it a matter of God's calling over your life? If so, how did you know?
    I loved music & would sing at every opportunity growing up- in the school choir, assemblies, at church, around the house!! My parents had always supported me in wanting to carry on studying music & I always had a passion for that over every other subject. I started to write songs properly (not ones about my pets like I did when I was 7) at the age of 14 & just loved the fact you could do that to express yourself. It was a natural progression to keep studying music up until University, so it was through that passion I kept carrying on. 
    3.    Where does your motivation or inspiration come from?
    For me my motivation is living a life that is going to make God smile & one that's full of purpose. At the moment I feel that's shining His light through the music He's gifted me with. With writing music I'm inspired by experiences & lessons I've learned or other people have shared with me.
    4.    What does a day in the life of Kristyna Myles look like and how do you manage to balance everything with your walk with God?
    My day varies lots depending on whether I'm releasing an album, recording, touring, starting a campaign to raise funds for an album or doing a function gig which is my regular way of earning a living.  My aim each morning whatever the type of season I'm in is to read a devotional with my breaky to start the day dedicating it to God. Keeping up to date on social media is another constant whatever the schedule. I definitely need to factor in exercise cause I can get so into answering emails or driving to a gig that I'm sat down for a lot of the day & haven't had enough movement! If I've missed church, podcasts are a great way of catching up on sermons.
    5.    What would you say has been the greatest challenge for you in the music industry and how have you overcome it?
    I've had lots haha! I feel the greatest challenge though was realising my identity wasn't in a record label and living each day to live up to their expectations wasn't a healthy way of doing things. I had signed a deal with a major label in 2010 & it was an incredible opportunity, I recorded an album with a Grammy award winning producer & got to record with my band, my childhood dream had came true! As the period of waiting for what was happening next began to get longer & I had to wait sometimes for months for answers on whether they'd release anything, I realise I now it was a learning process. It was a tough time & parting company was too but I know now that my identity is in God (not a record company) & I don't have to prove I'm worthy or talented enough. I know I just need to do the best I can, work hard & trust God's plan. 
    6.    Some of the genre of your music includes God, in an ever-so-diverse society where people have different beliefs do you ever worry that records might not sell? Would you ever compromise?
    I feel inspired to write songs that reflect my values as a Christian in my music. Some songs are more obvious that they're about God but  when people tell me they can see something different in me & realise that's God shining through that's so special & I feel like I'm living out my purpose. I want people to know God loves them & has a plan & purpose for them so some of my songs will reflect that. Hopefully the people that need to hear that will hear it. If I didn't sing & write about songs I believed in I'd be compromising.
    7.    Can you tell us a little bit about your work as supporter of the Tear Fund charity?
    A lovely lady called Emma Hurrell got in contact with me to tell me about the amazing work Tearfund do- they go where the need is greatest and are passionate about ending poverty. They work through local churches & help communities realise the answer to poverty is within themselves. Tearfund were part of the Enough Food If campaign where 100s of charities came together to speak up about the global hunger crisis. The notion is that there's enough food in the world to fead everyone but still millions of people are dying of hunger & we can put a stop to it together. Strides have been made since that campaign but there are still ongoing struggles that need to be addressed. I wrote a song called the IFsong (check out my YouTube page) to raise awareness of this & whenever I can talk about Tearfund I wanna big them up because they're amazing.
    8.    I had the privilege of attending one of your album launch gigs in Manchester, amazing that was by the way, and I know you've since done another two in Leicester and London, are they any other dates we need to keep our eyes peeled out for?
    Thanks so much for coming, so glad you enjoyed the gig! I'll be playing a few festivals this summer- Big Church Day Out, Kingsstock & I'm in discussion with a couple more which I'll post up on my website gig listing. Hopefully more gigs across the country too :)
    9.    Lastly, what would your advice be to those like yourself trying to start a career in music?
    I would say if you're literally just starting out as a singer/songwriter to perform as much as possible at open mics & get a set of your strongest songs to perform at a venue in your city & encourage your friends & family to come, it's great practice to perform infront of people as it's a totally different experience performing to your teddies! I'd recommend contacting local promoters & asking them to put you on a night with complementary artists/bands, this is a great way of performing to new audiences, if you guarantee you can bring an audience the promoter will be more inclined to ask you to do more shows and soon you'll have a support network/fanbase. Write as much as possible & if you know other people to write with too that can be a great way of creating music. Find and define your sound & have a strong presence on social media, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and there are others too but I like these 3 best. Having a website with a 'contact' page is also great so people can get in touch, sometimes from opposite sides of the world!
    Listen to Kristyna Myles video to I'm getting rid of this (single)
    Direct links to Kristyna Myles website , Facebook , Twitter , Soundcloud , YouTube and Instagram .. be sure to check that out and don't forget you can grab your 'Paint a Brighter day' album out now on iTunes here.
    Thanks for being with us.
    Email us your feedback at anitahnjonga@gmail.com, we would so love to hear from you.

    Stay blessed x
    Hashtag: "Dream big or you will limit me" - God.


    8 April 2015

    The Time Is Now

    Shoes : Zara | Jeans : (bought in the U.S, can't remember store) - similar style in Zara | 
    | Blouse & Clutch : River Island | Neckpiece : New Look |

    We are excited to let you know that we have an all NEW category we will be introducing in the next blog post so keep your eyes peeled.
    We pray you enjoyed the Easter holidays.
    Here's a new favourite of mine, Habbakkuk 2 verse 2-3 which reads: "And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, so that it can be read at glance.
    Put in in writing, for the vision is yet for an appointed time. But the time is coming quickly, and what I show you will come true. It may seem slow in coming, but wait for it; it will certainly take place, and it will not be delayed".
    Wooo hooo, I don't know about you but this gets me excited.
    Have an awesome week.
    The time is now, this is our time. 

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