27 October 2014

Its a New Season!

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| Top : Topshop | Scarf : Monsoon | Blazer : Zara |

Sunday 26th of October 2014 has to be one of the best days of my life, I got BAPTISED!!!
 I grew up in a Christian family and my father was one of the leaders in our church. In between work/during his spare time he used to distribute Bibles all over the country (Zimbabwe) in hospitals, schools, prisons etc. in association with Gideon's International Bibles.
We had tonnes and tonnes of deliveries coming in every month and my father made it his mission to distribute them all the time.
I remember he used to travel with a box of Bibles in his car and every time he was stopped at a roadblock by the police he would offer them one (so cheeky but it worked every time).
Amongst his other duties he also used to baptise people in our church (Souls for Christ) and often other churches would come to our house to use our swimming pool facilities for their baptism services. It was always a joy for my parents to host events like those.
Over the years as I've started to seek for a deeper relationship with God I kept on feeling like there was something missing. Every time baptisms were mentioned something would be stirred up inside of me until I thought to ask my mother if I had been baptised. Just as I thought, she said I had been baptised at an early age but I personally did not have a clear image of that day so I felt I had to do it. It all happened in God's perfect timing and it was one of the best life experiences ever.
Next week, I will be sharing with you some of the greatest struggles I've faced in my pursuit to be Christ-like. So far, since I've been baptised some of those chains have been set free. (Romans 8 verse 1&2)
If you want to know more about baptisms, what it is, what it means or any other questions, drop me an email and I will be sure to get the right person to give you more information on that. 
However, if you just want to read it out of the Bible, here are a few verses to check out:
Luke 3 vs 16; Matthew 3 vs 13-17; Mark 1 vs 9-11; Luke 3 vs 21-2, John 1 vs 29-33; Matthew 28 vs 19-20; Mark 1 vs 4-5;Acts 2 vs 38; Acts 8 vs 35-38; Acts 16 vs 31-33 (those are the only ones I've come across, I'm sure they are plenty more).
Have a superb week.

23 October 2014

My journey home ...

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| Scarf : Warehouse | Bag/Clutch : River Island | Hat : H&M |

June 2009 is when I first came to the UK to join my family and eight months later I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Valerie. What a joy that was but I was despaired knowing I wasn't going to be able to bring her up the same way I had been brought up - in a church family. I had been to church a few times but I didn't have one I actually belonged to. Over the year my excuse had been; I am fairly new, I hardly have any friends, England sucks, parenting will be overwhelming and every other excuse I could think of so I just never bothered to find a place I could call home/my church. 
A few months down the line following Valerie's birth I started attending church with my sister but it didn't feel like home. A week after my daughters 2nd birthday I was introduced to Kingsgate Church and let me just say, this was the start of something incredible in my life. I looked forward to every Sunday and was also involved in the life of church (which made it even more fun) and my daughter absolutely loved it. It really felt like home away from home and every single person I encountered was so welcoming, loving and friendly. Sadly, two years later I had to move to Manchester and had to look for a new church to join. My Pastor from Kingsgate recommended I try out !Audacious Church.
The week upon my arrival I was attending Jesus Culture Conference which was to my surprise being held at !Audacious Church. After attending the conference, I decided to come to the church on a separate note and just like everybody else I absolutely fell in love with it!
!Audacious Church has been a source of joy to Valerie and I. We literally spend the whole of Sunday there because its just that vibrant.
Often, we still get to visit our first love Kingsgate Church in Cambridge and Peterborough every now and again and that sense of family still lives on. 
I don't know what your journey is like as you are reading this today, maybe you haven't found your happy place in the life of church or you don't attend church at all? No matter how you feel when you come into church - you leave encouraged, loved, supported, stretched and inspired - it is home with a sense of family and friends surrounding you, people you can go to at any time and you know they are there for you and praying with you. 
If you can be a part of that, your life will change forever.
Stay blessed.


15 October 2014

Whose Race Are You Running?

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Valerie's outfit - Boots: Debenhams | Jeans : Tommy Hilfiger | Shirt : Zara |

Just last week I shared on comparison being the thief of joy because often times we look at life with a mentality of 'the grass is greener on the other side' and not on our side. This issue has been ministered to me several times including both conferences I attended this summer, Hillsong and !Audacious and I take it that it was no mistake that I was in both places and sat through both teachings. I say this because I have been so guilty of this and maybe thats why I had to hear it more than twice.
The Word of God says in, Psalms 62:11: Once God has spoken, twice have I heard this, that power belongs to God!
As usual, let me tell you my story. So I watch KUWTK, amazing reality show that is, I absolutely love it and won't miss it for anything (not really). Why I love to watch it is because I love how the girls dress, their sense of style, home decor and to be quite honest their drama is worth a bucket of popcorn sometimes. Here's the problem though, after watching the 'reality' show I come off thinking I can live my life like that too (excluding the drama of course). 
Heres another example, I love Instagram so much I have to fast from it sometimes (oh ye, its that bad, pray for me) and whilst I'm on it (which is a lot of times) I see peoples fairy tale, all perfect, all going great type of lives (because thats all Instagram displays isn't it?) and I come off thinking I could do that too. 
I can go on and on but one of many, the root of the problem can be comparison which blocks us from running our own race and ultimately missing God's calling on our lives. Taking note too that feelings of envy, jealousy etc. are birthed in moments like these.
"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel" - Steven Furtick.

I remember when I set up my blog, I kept comparing my website to other bloggers and felt I needed to do more, I needed to make some changes etc. This stopped me from doing my own thing and ultimately I lost time. After hearing that teaching twice and remembering the above verse I shared I took a stand to run my own race.
I had to make a decision to stay in my lane at all times, I do get distracted sometimes don't get me wrong but I have to constantly remind myself that my story is different from everybody else's therefore I need to run my own race!
We have different talents, different dreams, ambitions, aspirations etc. lets not get stuck in other peoples lanes running their race instead of our own. What a time waster that would be!
Comparison is the thief of joy, stay in your lane and focus on God!

10 October 2014

The Grass Is Greener On Your Side!

Wearing Zara from head to toe, Moschino sunglasses and a Louis Vuitton handbag.

I've been out of touch over the past two weeks mainly because I didn't have my mobile phone. It's amazing how much you can't do without it but I've been ok - sometimes.
Just last week Friday I sat for the UKCAT exam and thank God I passed. However, on one of the five 'modules' I sat for, I got a lesser mark compared to what other students often would get (basically the average).
To be honest I was happy that I had even passed the exam because it was pretty tough but it was only until I sat in my car and thought carefully about my result in that one module that I felt a bit down. In simple terms, 300 -700 is a pass, I got 430. 500 - 600 is the average in comparison to other students who would have written the exam in times before, so not necessarily the ones who've sat for the exam within the same time frame as myself.
At the time I thought to retake the exam then I remembered one of the teachings from Bling Conference. Pastor Sophia spoke about how often times people compare their lives to other peoples lives & think the grass is greener on the other side. When in actual fact the grass is greener on your side but because you are focusing on others you block yourself from appreciating and loving the place you are in. 

Fair enough, UKCAT had put the 500-600 as a guideline for other students to know what they were competing against but they hadn't said I failed or I won't be accepted into Medical school because the pass mark was 300 - 700 and I was within range.
In the end, I found myself reflecting on the preach and how it related to myself at the time:
  1. Call this place blessed - anywhere God is, is a good place. It doesn't matter what it looks like, the fact that God is in it means it is blessed.
  2. Embrace don't resist - resisting is very exhausting. In my case, I was considering rewriting the whole exam and that meant more time and money would be invested. Instead I chose to embrace that this was the result I had got and remembered that everything works together for the good for them that love the Lord. Romans 8 vs 28.
  3. Prophesy don't fantasise - Ezekiel 37, click here to read.
  4. Choose joy - I had to choose to be happy and content with where I was and what I had.
  5. Sow the Word - Simply, I said to myself, what will stand out on the day on my behalf is the favour of God. Yes, if other students have a better mark than myself in that module, it is well, God's favour will be upon me. I had to sow the Word.
The whole point of sharing this information with you is not for my glory but for God's glory.
I pray this has been of some relevance to you especially if you are faced with something similar. 
Thank you for your continued support.
Love your life!


2 October 2014

Invincible Summer

"In the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer'' - Albert Cumus.

Very briefly today I just wanted to share on setting goals. I know most people usually set goals at the beginning of the year, every six months and/or quarterly. Myself, I do so every month because I have a tendency of not following up so I find breaking them down into smaller chunks is much useful (depending on what they are obviously).
But just recently at my church we got little cards to jot down our goals over this season (September past - December) in the following five areas and I just thought it would be nice to share and hopefully you may find them to be useful too. Goal:

  1. Family - it could be anything; maybe an area you feel you need to work/improve in to make your family relations stronger.
  2. Faith - this can be personal growth in this area; faith for : something you are believing God for etc. and also praying that one person in your circle who doesn't yet know Jesus would come to know him in this season.
  3. Fitness - lose/gain weight, eating healthy etc. you know yourself.
  4. Finance - this could be an issue of better managing your finances, saving, setting priorities over your finances, being faithful with your finances etc. for example, maybe you don't yet tithe and you would like to start doing so, challenge yourself to start this season.
  5. Fellowship - maybe you don't attend a church or attend occasionally and in this season you could challenge yourself to become a regular goer etc. 
*in my last post I said I would share my notes from Bling Conference but apologies I haven't had time to review and reflect.
Thanks for passing by.
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