21 August 2020

Blog anniversary!

I hope you are still there and haven''t wandered off?
I hope you still believe in what this blog stands for - to uplift, to refresh and to inspire?
I hope you still remember the purpose of this blog - 1 Timothy 2:4-7?
Yet I know that it is hard to still strongly feel this way when I've been a distant away.
Many months have passed with no action on here and I can only hope that you can brace with me as I journey through the rhythms of life. 
I do run but I do stop too and in those rather still moments where I stop to catch a breath, 
I still look ahead and believe with every ounce in me that the best days are still yet to come!
So on days like today, I pause, reflect and celebrate the small wins before running towards the mark. 
83 424 views, an increase of 16 414 since last year is no small thing.
None of this would be possible if it wasn't for your faithful readership so thank you very much for continued support.
Do stick around, there is more! 


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