20 August 2018

Blog anniversary!

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It has been 4 years since I said YES to the adventure that this platform brings and I can honestly say I am so glad that I did. Writing is an art that I delight in and journaling my life story [especially the faith aspects] is something that I am more confident of now that it is interwoven with my calling in life. 
I can almost recall my very first blog post and in it I expressed my hopes in these very few words; 
"I will be sharing pieces of my lifestyle ranging from fashion, beauty, travel and so much more, expect the unexpected!" 
& I absolutely love that possible clause at the end, 'expect the unexpected' because this journey has been nothing short of that. Not all my hopes have yet come to pass but with the pieces that I've shared as authentic as I could have, I have seen much fruit. My faith life has been an open book, my personal style has evolved and I've grown as that's part of the journey [and I am still growing]. But as is life, I've also walked through seasons of darkness, some days have been slow, some months challenging yet each and every one of them have been tailored into the fabric of the story I have told and will tell. 
Could this platform be the same without your readership? Absolutely no! So thank you for coming on this journey with me. 50 231 views, you did that! 
I love you and I appreciate you.
The best is yet to come!


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