7 July 2018

Unique is the new style!

Dress: Ted Baker
Watch : Michael Kors
Shoes : Zara
Its been a looooooong time since I last blogged but hey I'm back at it and I thought I would share a fashion post to kick off my comeback. Now, if you recall, in my last blog post I shared how I had not been clothes shopping in over a year but darling those days are so past tense. If you haven't already noticed, my wardrobe has been revamped and I have certainly added a few new styles and looks to my collection. The unfortunate part is that my taste has gone up a notch and my bank account tells me that if we continue at this pace, shopping at these places, we might run into a few problems but I'm sure we won't have to come to that. All blame goes to my personal stylist, of course - ME. Recently I discovered a new found love for being UNIQUE in my dress sense and style. Now obviously, some may argue right now that there isn't anything particularly unique about this outfit but I would suggest otherwise. What wears me well, what represents me well, what complements me well and long-range quality over quantity remain factors that shape my personal style. I hope I will be able to reflect this in most, if not all my looks.  
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