6 February 2018

Mortgaging a property: lets get practical (Part 1)

 Earlier on in December, Valerie and I announced the news of the purchase of our new home, a testament of answered prayer and God's faithfulness. Our hearts are full with all the love and kind words that have been passed on to us since then and if you should know; we have settled into our new home. Furniture from my old apartment has made an appearance in the new house in almost every room and integrated appliances in the kitchen have definitely come in handy (except we still don't have a washing machine) but as we all know as far as I'm concerned the house is very much a blank canvas that I am looking forward to painting as we go.
I love the good testimony that our new home has been but to stand on victory ground there was a journey to be endured, faith to be tested and practical behind-the-scenes work that had to be done. In this post and many to follow, my heart is to unpack what that practically looks like and without further ado here it goes;


I like to think that our primary purpose to anything we commit to in life is a determining factor to how motivated we will be towards accomplishing that goal successfully. Without this primary purpose, its easy to become timid and shrink back and not stay the course especially during challenging times. My mortgaging process was long in itself and it didn't come without a fight (I believe it was mainly because of the God Word that had been spoken over my victory). During those trying times there were moments when I would literally ask myself, "but why am I doing this?" and common sense would reply, "its long a process", "its easier to mortgage with someone else so why don't you just wait until you are married", "you have an apartment, what do you want a house for?", "maybe do it another time" etc. and I can only testify that it was my 'why' that kept me going. You might ask, what was your why? I had many why's but some carried more weight than others. I wanted a house because I wanted an inheritance for my daughter {Proverbs 13:22}. Lest we forget, my daughter and I had been believing God for a house and we had been relentlessly praying for it and at that time we had a promise from God


The term luxury is broad in its meaning and therefore that may look different for each one of us. What is to one a luxury is to another a basic commodity but ultimately we each have that one thing that is an extra expense to our style of living. The Oxford Dictionary defines luxury as 'a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense'. Speaking for myself I had to sit down and truly access what that looked like. For me it meant for a short while I had to unsubscribe my TV package, dine less at restaurants, shop less and cut down on unnecessary expenses that I may have indulged in from time to time. 
It goes without saying, in sacrificing luxuries it creates breathing space in your finances and allows you to save more.


Everyone is out there "living their best life" (at least that is what they choose to show us) and in all honesty this can be really distracting. For one, it may look like you haven't got anything going for you but in reality the only reason why that may be the case is because what you want to achieve takes time. So don't let the greener grass on the other side waiver you, honour your journey by staying in your lane. Choose, do you want what God has prepared for you or do you want someone else's story? Be comfortable celebrating them and wait with expectancy as your story unfolds the way God designed it to. 


You may not know what you really want until you see it so visit show homes and look at properties on the market as this will stir up something inside you that will drive you towards achieving your goal. Way before Valerie and I were ready to make the commitment we started viewing properties and what that did for us was; it served as inspiration, drove me to save up even faster and directed our prayer requests before God. And that brings me to my final point;


If you listen closely to my testimony then you will know without a shadow of doubt that it was a faith journey through and through. My daughter and I started the motion of faithfully praying over our 'future house' months before the idea was even feasible. Often my daughter with her child-like faith would dream big and ask big and sometimes I would dampen her prayers by my realistic approach to life. I considered the statistics; how much it would cost, how much I earned and that left no room for the supernatural work of God. Until one day when I listened to a book titled : The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears and it changed the game.
Since listening to this book I incorporated the lessons learnt into our prayer life and I can honestly say for the most part of last year we faithfully prayed over our new home (+ other things) every single day relentlessly and this alone is what brought us to our testament! If you don't do anything else, at most pray + have faith.
Thank you for visiting my blog today. 
I hope you've had a great start to the New Year and are ploughing on successfully.
If you haven't already I would encourage you to read a post I shared a few blogs ago on how I practically do lifepressing on what matters, recognising what season I'm in, knowing my margins and identifying my grace. I believe I shared some really practical advice that will help you navigate through life's different seasons (and hopefully help you smash some those 2018 goals!).
 Thank you again for your readership.
Be encouraged. 

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