4 January 2018

A letter addressed to my 2017

Using a different style of writing to express myself at the beginning of 2017 I wrote a letter that I addressed to my 2016. In this post I have once again written a letter and addressed it to my 2017. Needless to say, this is a synopsis of a journey that has been long going. I have vulnerably captured most of it here on my blog, more so in real life for those that know me and as well as on my social media outlets. I would encourage you to never miss a post, follow me and read my journey in its totality and that way you can understand this letter and any future posts in context.
But without further ado,
Dear 2017,
I cried out;
"Oh, that you would bless me 
and enlarge my territory 
and indeed the Lord granted my request.
One, two, three, four, five ...
 these were the months added to your calendar.
At the count of six that feel good feel got all too comfortable
and I knew then it was time for a shift!
To get things in motion I brought before God a sacrificial offering,
hoping at the end He would reply in many words,
the Holy Spirit whispered:
Was that it?
21 days later and is that all He had to say?
Alright then.
Walking in authority,
 I journeyed on and
 stepped out in faith in some of the areas I was believing Him for.
Truth of the matter is,
 the odds were against me on all sides
 but one thing I did,
I continued to judge Him faithful He who had promised.
Of course that wouldn't discount the battle 
but I knew that the vantage point on which I chose to stand on 
would ultimately determine how the story would end. 
You know this;
in times of hardship, doubt and despair I would fall on my knees and cry out,
"unless you want it for me, I don't want it for myself."
Those words didn't come easy but my heart was after His 
and in surrender you would hear me say;
"your will, your way"
because I didn't want to go if He wasn't coming with me.
Peace being my guide
+ acknowledging moments when I had to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and
in turn respond in obedience
was key to unlocking all that He had for me. 
As one by one He began to fulfil His promises and each time
I stood in awe of His faithfulness.
Pinch me, I said to family and friends,
the Lord had been too good to me.
Was there anything too big for my God?
Does He speak and not do what He says?
Does He promise and not come through?
 Here I find myself at the end of the chapter standing in the testament of His faithfulness to His promise and words alone cannot express my gratitude.
Peering over the horizon I see 2018 and the years beyond.
Thanksgiving in my heart and a spirit of contentment overwhelm me
but a part of me can't help but wonder:
 is enough, enough or is there more?
And that is when another part of me bursts out and screams,
Who is more for?
So to 2018, I'm ready to do more, 
to give more and 
to be more.
For with all that He has given unto me,
I return with thanksgiving knowing full well that is the mandate on my life!
In closing I would like to say,
 be at rest for the Lord has been good to us.
2018 and the years beyond
 owe it to you as you now serve as a reference point 
for every testimony you hold on God's faithfulness. 
As I said to 2016 I say to you too,
I honour you and I will cherish everything about you but this is not my home.
I am committed to 2018 and the years ahead 
and now more than ever before
because of those that you brought into my life this year,
the future looks even brighter! 
Cheers mate.

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