9 July 2017

DIY Shellac Manicure

So I've been doing my own shellac manicure lately and I thought I would share a step by step guide.
Step 1:
Before beginning, make sure your nails are clean.
What do I mean? No oily or greasy finger nails.
In the event that you would have just removed shellac not long before,
use a cuticle stick to scrape off any excess old shellac
(after soaking in acetone and wrapping in foil of course).
File and buff nails to desired shape, do a hand wash and dry blot with a clean towel.

Step 2: 
Following on I go on to apply the first coat which is my base coat and place my finger nails under a UV Lamp, allowing them to dry for up to three minutes. One hand at a time.
Step 3:
Then I apply my first coat of colour and once again place my finger nails under a UV Lamp for up to three minutes. 
*TIP* --> the first coating is always very thin AND with every coat I always tip the ends of my nails to avoid them chipping and peeling. 
Step 4: 
Depending on the colour that I would have chosen and the finish that I'm after, I normally would go for a second coat (very thin layered) followed by up to three minutes under a UV Lamp.
Step 5
At this point I check if I've achieved the finish I'm after and this normally will determine if I should go for a third coating or not. Deciding this is normally based on the nail polish that I will be wearing. I find lighter shades on dark skin tone may need a few coats to allow the colour to pop whereas darker nail polish colours are the opposite.
Step 6:  I then apply a top coat and place my finger nails under a UV Lamp.

Step 7: After three minutes is up I put a bit of nail gel cleanser onto cotton wool and wipe over the nails to give them a lustrous shine. THAT IS IT!

Trust me when I say the first few times were a hit and miss and I still sometimes fail dismally at obtaining the "perfect shellac manicure" but all is well that never stopped the world, did it?
What you may want to know (or not)...
  • manicure genuinely last up to two weeks especially if you tip the ends.
  • no chipping maybe peeling at the most but like I said before make your coating very thin.
  • it looks nicer and neater if your nails are filed, buffed, shaped and cuticles are removed. 
  • its a one off spend - obviously initially they are investment costs to consider but once you are up and running you are good to go.
  • its so affordable you can literally build up your own nail polish collection with the same amount of money you would spend getting it done professionally somewhere else.
  • it takes less than an hour to complete your shellac manicure process - do it whilst you are watching your favourite show that doesn't need maximum concentration.
  • GDI is slightly cheaper than CND and if I had to offer my opinion I would say, they are both really good brands but personally I prefer CND!
Lastly, as said before, you will get it wrong a few times and that's ok. Just make sure you have a friend who knows better than you do, like I did.
Thanks for your readership, it is much appreciated and I hope you will find this useful!


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