4 March 2017

After school party ...

You know you are growing old when your party starts after school, on a Friday night and finishes past your bed time. Seriously though, where is my baby? Where has the time gone?
Cannot believe she is now 7 years old.
This year Valerie settled on celebrating her 7th birthday with a good all indoor trampoline party.
I must say I wasn't too pleased that she was taking away the privilege I've had for many years, well two or three to be precise, to creatively plan her birthday parties. Well, I guess this is what happens as they grow older ha.
Jump Xtreme in Bolton had the pleasure of hosting us and our experience with them was beyond exceptional.
Our designated party host did a fantastic job with Valerie and the girls, taking care of each of their needs all throughout.
Cold refreshments were available throughout the party and a buffet menu was served for tea.
Honestly, I was totally impressed with the set up of the room, freshness and layout of the food and service that was provided to us at the reception desk, cafeteria and in our party room. 
Ever so grateful for Valerie's friends who showered her with love and gifts and made this day everything she had ever dreamt of or imagined. 
I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the PRO'S and CON's of hosting your own party as opposed to leaving everything to a party venue and hope you may find this information useful some day.

  • cheaper, definitely cheaper.
  • you can invite as many children as you wish because the cost is not based on head count. 
  • its more personal and intimate.
  • oh darling, you get to be creative and can personalise every single thing!
  • its so easy to get carried away with the decorations and end up spending more than you had budgeted for.
  • entertainment is on you!
  • finding the "perfect" venue can be a hassle.
  • a lot of planning is essential, organisations skills are needed.
  • lest we forget, you don't get to go home after the party, you've got to clean up!
With all that being said given the option I would always opt to host my own party.
Thank you very much for all the birthday love and of course for visiting my blog today.
Your readership is very much appreciated.
God bless you.

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