15 March 2017

From concept to practice ...

Following the 'Before I dress' post I published a few weeks ago I thought it would be really fun to show you how I practically put everything I mentioned together.

1. Quality or quantity?

When I was picking this outfit I did think to myself there is quite a lot going on here but to make the look as simple as possible I kept the colours minimal and complementing each other.
Typically I would wear this outfit to the office but without the bag and shoes because I never consider wearing too much colour to a corporate environment. Why is that so, one might ask? Because I personally think that too much colour = overdressed = Barbie. This is why in my previous post I mentioned that you would hear me ask myself questions such as; where am I going, who am I going with, what is everybody else most likely to wear etc. and in doing so this helps me determine whether to dress up or dress down and by all means keep it as simple, elegant and classy as possible. 

2. Does this preserve my integrity? 

The question of preserving my integrity is undoubtedly an important factor in shaping how I dress. Now whether I get it right or wrong is up to each ones opinion, however, if I don't feel comfortable in anything I dress up in that is a cause for questioning. 
As for this outfit, I don't think it stands to be questioned in the many environments that I may choose wear it to, unless of course someone else sees it differently (and questions my integrity).

3. Does this complement my complexion?

I'm sure you would agree with me that the colours in this outfit make me look youthful and lively.

4. Does this suit my body shape?

Can you tell that I'm petite in this flattering skirt? Maybe. Maybe not.
Talk about confidence, darling I'm swirling like a ballerina every time I wear this skirt!
The question I ask once more is this,
are they certain styles that suit you more than others?
are they certain colours that complement you more?


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