3 February 2017

Before I dress ...

Personally before I dress or rather before I shop there are a few questions that I consciously and unconsciously ask myself:

1. Quality or quantity?

If I'm honest this question is one I ask myself before I even get to the check out.
Considering you've read this post you would know that I'm a minimalist at heart and I strongly believe less is more. This theorem is one that I abide by and take very seriously when I'm picking an outfit. With that being said, I don't always get it right even though I always mean to. You would hear me ask myself questions such as; where am I going, who am I going with, what is everybody else most likely to wear etc. and in doing so this helps me determine whether to dress up or dress down and by all means keep it as simple, elegant and classy as possible. 

2. Does this preserve my integrity? 

This by far has to be one of the most important questions that shapes how I dress.
My thought is this; if I say I am who I say I am then even how I dress should undoubtedly reflect that too. Again I'm certain I don't always get it right because what is to one good is to another bad. To conform to this standard of what I define as integral I have parameters set in place and certain alarm bells that I respond to, for example, if I don't feel comfortable and/or my conscience is not clear about a certain style or piece of clothing then darling I best leave it/not wear it ..... simple!

3. Does this complement my complexion?

Personally I prefer wearing brighter colours to dull colours because they complement me more. 
With that said, I also do wear the latter, for example; a black dress which I will often complement with a bright coloured lipstick to give me a bit of life. 

4. Does this suit my body shape?

Growing up I was very insecure about my frame and in hindsight that was ridiculously insane but at the time the insecurity was very real. Over the years I have become more confident in my torso because I learnt how to wear clothing that appropriately complemented my body shape. Now, this does not mean between then and now I haven't made many fashion errors or felt meek. On the contrary, I have but I have found that it is a constant effort and build up of confidence that makes the difference.One thing that certainly helps is not following trends because you know what not every trend out there wears me well. For example, S/S16 collection the off-shoulder trend was ongoing but that wasn't one that would exceptionally look good on me because I have deltoid muscle shoulders. The same goes for finding the "perfect" denim fit for my built with the many styles available and/or favouring skater dresses to bodycon dresses or pencil skirts to flared ones or both. By no means am I limiting myself to the endless options at my disposal instead I choose to be content with not having it all and finding just a few styles that exceptionally look good on me! 

Maybe let me ask you this question today,
 are they certain styles that suit you more than others?
are they certain colours that complement you more?

Thank you so much for taking time to read my blog!


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