16 January 2017

A Letter addressed to my 2016

In today's blog post I've used a different style of writing to express myself.
I hope in this piece of literature you will be able to capture my journey over the last year (and beyond) as you read along.
This is just a glimpse so I would encourage you to read the journey in its totality here.
Otherwise, I hope you've had a great start to the New Year and are ploughing on successfully.
Dear 2016,

It seems like yesterday that I was happily welcoming you.
Like everybody else I was expectant for all that you would bring and so I wrote my vision down and made it plain.
For the first time in years I thought, let me declare a verse over you.
It was this line (1 Peter 5:10) that I read in a book I love to gaze upon
and its words spoke of RESTORATION.
If you should know,
many years of my life had been eaten by locusts
so the sound of
RESTORATION was a sweet harmony.
I could not wait to see how that would unfold!
Not many days had been added to your calendar
when I received a telephone call and the person on the other line
broke these words to me;
"your dear friend is no more".
I was shattered.
Oh my declaration!
I don't think you know what that must have felt like?
But hey, its not like you wait for no man so I gracefully stood up and soldiered on.
Despite my circumstances
that grew worse with each passing day,
I did all I could to just survive but after a while,
the human body gets tired
and the spirit becomes weak.
In actual fact, four months on, I was ready to throw in the towel.
Then suddenly,
I heard a familiar voice.
It was the ONE I find my hope in
uttering these simple words,
"hang in there"...
With my broken arms and limbs I journeyed on
because I never doubted his voice.
But don't be fooled,
some days weren't easy,
I suffered unbelief
and certainly didn't have it all together
but I chose to stay planted in His Word.
One thing I did know was light was at the end of the tunnel
even though I could barely see it.
As I began to let go,
my perspective changed.
Surrendering to His Lordship
was freedom because until then the journey hadn't begun.
were brought to the table amongst many other things and like
 clay in the potters hands,
He began to model me once again,
this time,
rooted in His foundations.
I can't say it was fun
but in His hands I was safe.
Now, we could go where He wanted me to go
because before, I wasn't ready.

In closing I would like to
thank you for finishing off so well and reassuring me that His Word does not go void
without accomplishing that which it has been set to do.
Thank you for
 all the lessons that I learnt
especially the ones that I had to go through first-hand.
Colossians 3:2 and Daniel 3:18 being personal highlights
that I will carry into days ahead.
I honour you and I will cherish everything about you
but this is not my home,
I'm committed to the future,
I'm committed to 2017 and the years ahead
so goodbye my friend.

With love,



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