31 August 2016

Live life from a place of rest ...

Simple yet chic with a hint of accessories to give the look a jazz; I put this outfit together with trending grazer denims that I picked up in Zara, my Banana Republic top with a pleated back and a pair of Dune heels with Swarovcki detail.
On my lips is Ruby Rush lipstick by Tom Ford that I'm testing out and unlike Mac's Ruby Woo it gives off a velvet matte finish. I say its #winning but not so much on the price.
 Over the last couple of weeks (post Audacious Conference) I've been very selfish with my time, resting and focusing my energies on other pressing matters. I was going to share a post on !Audacious Conference as well as my Protege graduation (photo) but I've decided not to as weeks have gone by. However, I'm certain these will come up in future posts so don't dismay, should you for whatever reason.
I now look forward to reuniting with my daughter, Valerie, who returns from her summer holidays. So thankful that I had an opportunity to simply REST.
If you are anything like me (or not), fuelled by a busy lifestyle then let me leave you with this encouragement; in the ultra-wired world which we live in, its necessary to consciously unplug in order to reflect, relax and refocus...
Thanks for passing by.


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