3 August 2016

Hillsong Conference Europe 2016

Last Wednesday (26 July) my friend and I set off for London Town to attend Hillsong Conference Europe and we arrived at the O2 just in time for the opening night. If ever you do attend Hillsong Conference I advise at all costs, do not miss the opener as it is spectacular (this photograph does it no justice and is only just a glimpse of the whole shebang).
As it is accustomed, Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church globally, Brian Houston preached on the first night a great message he titled, "TROUBLING THE TROUBLER" in context with Acts 16:16-20. 
All throughout, praise and worship was led by the Hillsong Young & Free team and I must admit I was a little distracted by the fineness of two of the lead vocalists. By the end of the night my mind was set on getting married and moving to Australia with either one of them. Can you imagine. So funny.
Thank God the next morning I was back in my right state of mind as the day began with praise and worship followed by a preach by Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevation church in Charlotte, North Carolina. He drew his message out of 2 Corinthians 10 with a sermon he titled, "THE GLITCH THAT KEEPS ON GIVING". 
Straight after his preach, Pastor Brian Houston led the "Lets talk church" session and held interviews with different evangelists, teachers and pastors in the auditorium. We also watched some pre-recorded footage from Hillsong Conference Sidney that tied in perfectly with the message he was trying to convey, "what is on the church gets on you"{Psalm 92:13}.
After a short break Hillsong London Lead Pastor, Gary Clarke came on and shared on leadership to challenges we face and how our Christianity should always be conducted within the context of relationship and straight after him was Erwin McManus, Lead Pastor of Mosaic, a church in Los Angeles, California sharing on the great commission. 
That evening, Pastor Steven Furtick preached a message he titled, "it is what it is but its not what it seems"and honestly I felt really empowered and encouraged. Many a times on this journey looking outwardly on what I've been doing the last ten months feels insignificant to what I suppose my day to day should look like.
where I've been<-------------->where I am--->where I want to be.
Above is a perfect picture of my life and the same illustration that Ps Steven Furitck used in his preach. His encouragement was simply this:
"the seed is not gone, its planted."
If you know me you would know this, time is matter and recently God just started to remind me that He is not constrained by time and you have no idea how freeing that revelation meant to me.
& I quote what Ps Steven Furtick said that night, 
"great opportunity is in the insignificant thing you are doing right now but you must survive the soil. Plant, water and STAY!"
& if thats all I heard, for me that was enough.
The next morning, Pastor Erwin McManus preached on a message he titled, "KNOW WHAT YOU WANT" and as much as I would like to get into telling you more about what I got from this message it would be essential that I take you on a few missing links first from when I last shared so you can understand the revelation in context. I will share more in one of my upcoming posts so look out. 
Back to where I was, that afternoon Pastor Bobbie Houston stirred our hearts to a softness that always thinks of others and encouraged us to let prayer do all the hard work.
After the lunch break we had a session called Spheres that aimed at empowering people to lead and impact in every sphere of life. On stage were some now prominent people sharing their journey, for example, owner of Vitae London, 911 survivor, young Zimbabwean politician (proud moment) and many others. Find out more here
Sadly, following a short break we were onto the last session for Hillsong Conference Europe 2016. Pastor Chris Mendez, Lead Pastor of Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo in Brazil closed the night with a brilliant message he titled "RAISE YOUR VOICE". The Hillsong Worship band ushered us with a few songs from their new album (coming soon) and we went away with hearts full for all that God had done in us in the past few days.
 My friend and I decided to go out for drinks, sight see and make memories (as they do at 11PM) and what an adventure that was. Initially we were going to go to Oxford Circus but decided London Bridge was easier to get to and so we went about wandering. The view of London Bridge was picturesque and we snapped a few shots. 
👻: anitahnjonga.
 As we went about we randomly met some backslidden Christians and in conversation ended up sharing our faith and encouraging our new found friends to once again set their sights on God. If I'm honest, at first I was feeling all churched out but remembered the theme of the whole gathering, 
"The Spirit and the BRIDE say, COME! 
His invitation - perfect and grace filled.
Everyone who hears this must also say, "COME"
Our ECHO - human and grace fuelled." {Revelations 22:17 - context added.}
& if my friend and I had missed this part we had missed the whole point and would have been as good as those that didn't even attend and thank God we did not submit to our human flesh but to what the Spirit of God was leading us to do at the time.
 Faith is an action Word.  
In the end we missed our trains for the love of Christ (pun intended) and and had to hop onto the night bus which took ages to get us home and only got in at 3AM. 
The next morning was an early start, I had a hairdressers appointment, was meeting up with my lovely mother and later on catching the train back to Manchester.
I'm all rested now and just relieved that I've managed to put this post out before my next adventure. 
Thank you so much for your readership. Be blessed.


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