21 August 2016

Blog anniversary

Today is a special day in many ways but of most relevance to this platform, it is our 2nd blog anniversary! 🎉🎉🎉
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This morning as I was reading my devotions in the book "Choose life - 365 readings for radical disciples by Simon Guillebaud I came across this prayer and thought I would share it with you as I really felt it was of great significance to this next chapter. The "topic" today was,
PART TIME or ALL IN and in it was this prayer:
I come you today, O Lord,
To give up my right,
To lay down my life,
To offer my future,
To give my devotion, my skills, my energies.
I shall not waste time
Deploring my weaknesses
Nor my unfitness for the work.
I acknowledge your choice with my life
To make your Christ attractive and intelligible to those around me.
I come to you for spiritual preparation.
Put your hand upon me, anoint me with the oil
of the One with Good News.
Save me from compromise, 
heal my soul from small ambitions,
deliver me from itch to always be right,
save me from wasting time.
I accept hard work, I ask for no easy place,
help me not to judge others who walk a smoother path.
Show me those things that diminish
spiritual power in a soul.
I now consecrate my days to you, 
make your will more precious than anybody or anything.
Fill me with your power and when the end of life's journey
I see you face to face may I hear those undeserving words:
"Well done my good and faithful servant".
I ask this not for myself but for the glory of the name of your Son.
*now breathe*
If I had to use emojis to help me describe to you how I felt as I read each sentence these would speak on my behalf;
If I'm honest, I was challenged as I read through each sentence and stopped to assess the confession of my mouth. I found myself constantly gasping for air (literally) at the weight and power of this prayer. 
It was in this moment that the heart matters were questioned, am I part time or am I all in? 
My encouragement simply this: allow yourself to be challenged to the depths of your being as you search your heart with integrity and commit afresh to follow Jesus without conditions or caveats and if you may, let these words in this verse inspire you, 2 Samuel 24:24, "I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices that have cost me nothing".
Thank you for your readership, 19224 page views strong since we started two years ago and couldn't have made it this far without your continued support.
I love and appreciate you.
Remember, the best is always yet to come & if you aren't already subscribed, please do ➡️.
Stay blessed.


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