12 May 2016

Hair secrets

All the photographs above date back to end of 2014 up till now (May 2016).

I've had several people ask me about my hair hence the inspiration behind this post. 
I'm a very particular individual about a lot of things in life and that includes what hair I wear. With that being said, Peruvian hair from the get go was always on my radar (dear as it is) and its silkiness and texture were just enough to convince me of a purchase.
Looking back I have no regrets as this hair has kept me going for the last 18 months, non-stop.
  My hairdresser, Christine (who lives in London) and who I've been loyal to since coming to England purchased the hair on my behalf.
If my memory serves me well, I ordered 3 bundles of 14' inch Peruvian hair and she installed the hair onto a wig cap and didn't style it first time around because to be honest I was hanging on to every single strand worth every single penny. 
More seriously, it was just because I was still switching between wig caps (one she had made for me prior and the new one). 
 Now you need to understand this, a lot of my friends don't understand how this works. Adding on, then I had just moved to Manchester and at the time I was just starting to get myself connected in the life of church and constantly met new people, week in week out.
The whole changing hairstyles did not help people remember me (taking note my church is numerically large). 
Word of advice : it is not ideal for times when you are in such seasons to be constantly making yourself new 😂 because you will reintroduce yourself several times to the same people. Honestly, if you see me in short hair / long hair / no hair you would assume I'm three different people. 
Besides all that, I was at that point where I wanted stability (as they do) so I made a decision that I was going to stick to one hairstyle for as long as I could and ever since then, I've been wearing this hair.
I must say, I am a little fed up now but won't be making any dramatic changes. 
Ever since getting it installed, I've asked my hairdresser on several occasions to trim it, restyle it and/or cut off split ends. I am well pleased with the current length and most likely won't be making it any shorter.
Enough blubbering, more useful information:

How I care for it?
  1. When I'm at home, I wear my natural hair out thereby giving my wig a rest. 
  2. I make sure to wash my wig at least every weekend using the Dove hair shampoo and conditioner {theres loads of different ones but I just buy any that I find on offer when I run out}.
  3. After washing, sometimes I place it on the central heating in the house (for a few minutes) instead of drying it with a towel. Then I blow dry it while I gently comb it with a wide tooth comb.
  4. When its completely dry, I apply Fantasia Frizz buster hair serum to the hair making sure I don't leave it glossy, sticky or too shiny {no more than three swirls}.
  1. The hair doesn't particularly smell because you can either take it off when cooking, for example.
  2. Better quality hair that lasts longer - as you don't have to go to bed wearing it.
  3. Its cheaper in the long run - the statement says it for itself, you spend once.
  4. Best of them all, you allow time for your natural hair to grow and can care for it without doing too much to it constantly.
FAQ: how did I get my highlights?
Believe it or not, they are natural. The only way I can best explain the mystery is the brownish highlights must be a result of frequent washes, how long I've kept the hair for and the natural light exposure from where I place my wig when I take it off.
Where I bought it?
Via my hairdresser and it was definitely affordable and has proved to be of 100% good quality.
The silk based lace closure with bleached knots (no glue) is from Whitney Marie UK.
& I think thats everything. If you have any further questions just drop me an email at anitahnjonga@gmail.com.
I understand this post was probably not for everyone but if you got this far, thanks for your readership and I hope you find this resourceful / useful.
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