14 March 2016

Spontaneity ...

 It was just a few weeks ago when wearing a coat (at least every single day) was the norm. To our surprise, just a few days after welcoming the month of spring, it snowed. "Welcome to Spring Wonderland", so like England if you ask me and I'm certain they will be days when I will still find this lightweight coat to be useful ha!
 Last Friday, my friend and I spontaneously decided to go to a Young Adults Movement (Conference) at Life Church in Bradford (as if I would pass on being in the house of the Lord).
The atmosphere was a breeding ground for breakthrough and I'm glad that even though I saw it as an off-the-cuff moment, my God in heaven had it in his diary (Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 37:23) and knew how much I needed to be there. I always say, attending conferences sometimes serve me as "little pick-me-up regimes" and even though we are three months into the year, I needed it already.
The Word of God that was preached was purposeful and "for such a time as this" in relation to my own life and I'm sure a lot of other Young Adults that attended felt the same way. 
For photographs, check out Life Church instagram here.
Otherwise, thanks for visiting my blog.
Have a blessed week.

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