26 February 2016

Interview : Anita Frost

From successful entrepreneur to educator and influencer, Anita Frost certainly has many titles. As though she could stop there, she recently added yet another title to her name, book author of Dream the Impossible Dreams. Thanks for joining us to hear her story as she shares insights behind her new book. 
Dream the impossible Dreams. Briefly, what inspired you before breaking out with this book?
I'm inspired by my deep desire to see people live out their full potential, passion and gifting which in turn paves a way for a better lifestyle. I've met so many individuals who live habitual lives, putting their passions to one side and subsequently their confidence is reduced to zero and they no longer dream the impossible dreams and instead settle for less than they are worth, at the expense of their joy. My hope is that this book opens out the best in people.   
What was your own journey to publishing like?
It's so amazing to think we are here at this point right now because if anyone had ever said to me when I was in high school, "Anita I think you are going to write a book", I would have thought they were a little bit crazy and if they had gone on to say, "actually you're going to have number one bestselling book", I definitely would have thought they have just lost their mind. 
Interesting that you said, "your own journey" because that is exactly what it is. No one author has the same journey but you have to be willing to follow the course and take the necessary steps. My journey was most parts good as I learnt so many new things throughout the process and I'm continually doing so.
What were your 1-2 biggest learning experience(s) or surprise(s) throughout the publishing process? 
One thing people might not know about me is I'm dyslexic so that came as a challenge on its own but it was surprising how everything just fell into place. I found my best technique was to break down my writing pattern into little steps and anytime I felt frustrated trying to write out my thoughts, I would simply stop writing and start afresh on another day when it felt right again.
Who were your target readers when you were writing this book?
If you visit our online store they are different buying options to select from: 
  • Dream The Impossible Dreams Gents.
  • Dream The Impossible Dreams Ladies.
  • Dream The Impossible Dreams Teens.
In my mind, my aim was to equip individuals in areas of entrepreneurship, finance, leadership and inspired living and that I believe is a broad target so anyone. 
What are you doing to build a platform and gain readership and tell us more about where we can access your book? 
 I will be going on a book tour and book signing event within Greater Manchester and in bookshops and business events in London.
To get a copy of Dream the Impossible Dreams visit my online store at anitafrost.com OR you can purchase it on Amazon
What would you say to anyone reading this today (your readers) or those inspired by you (writers trying to break in), what advice would you give?
Writing a book can not be coerced so when you get a feeling you have something to share, take the thoughts to paper and let it flow. Once the flow stops, come off the subject and find yourself something else to do until inspiration guides you back. 
To my readers, I would say, do things that make you happy, that light up the passion within you and when doors of opportunity open, confidently embrace them. On the journey; learn, stay on course and if you feel worn out, take a break or move on. 
& always, Dream the Impossible Dreams!
Lastly, the secret we want to know is how you balance life as a successful entrepreneur, single mother and I can imagine a million other things trying to grab your attention. What would a day in the life of Anita Frost look like?
I'm a morning person (on most days) and my routine pretty much goes like this: read, meditate then exercise. After dropping my son off at school, I have breakfast whilst I plug into the day; responding to emails, bookings and attending meetings. 
Everything that I do has to be good for me, line up with my values, light up my passion and move me closer to the vision for what's next, for my family, businesses, teams and clients.
What’s next?      
I founded an educational and training organisation two and half years ago called Curricula & Co. The journey has been incredible, we have won awards and trained over 450 people in entrepreneurship, engaged in 210 schools to raise awareness on creating success within employability and we now have international clients (including USA and BOSNIA). Going forward, we plan
on serving more clients and expanding our educational and training resources worldwide.
Its been such an honour and privilege to hear Anita Frost's journey to publishing. In December 2015, I also video interviewed Anita Frost on her new book:
Hashtag: "Dream big or you will limit him"
Thank you for reading.

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