23 September 2015

Stepping out in faith

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In one of my last blog posts I spoke about the new era - what it could possibly look like but really, do we know? 
A new era - you have never been that way before - you are moving into unchartered waters and stepping out into the unknown & should you sail along, its going to require faith
Faith in Hebrews 11 verse 1 is described as being certain of things we cannot see.
*roll back* after completing my undergraduate studies, I received a certificate and a little note from my University that read: 
"Congratulations, now what?"
Society or rather the world in which we operate in has arranged patterns and conformed standards we are to fit in, for example, education comes first (at least up to the age of 18). In turn, this creates time frames that are considered more ideal for one to kick start their career. If you come from a background like my own, gap years are per say a taboo.
It pretty much goes like this; education > career > house > marriage > kids > everything in between then finally retirement.
But I think who we are should be determined by whose we are and that should govern how we do life altogether. So when it comes to the different seasons in our lives, the question should be, what is God saying now?
My journey, this journey I'm sharing today has been long going and its not been easy despite a great sense of the spirit of God pressing something on my heart (Protégé) and confirming this is ONE of the things I was suppose to be doing in this new season in my life.
At the time if I'm honest I was very career focused and looked at it with a worldly perspective, education > career > & everything that comes thereafter but I had to stop and look at my life through God's lens. Romans 12 verse 2 reminded me to not conform to the standards of this world but to allow God to renew my mind then I would know his perfect will for my life.
Obedience was key in order to move forward and I also had to trust and surrender my whole life to God and that included my dreams etc.  
Looking back now I said I followed God but when it came to Him calling me and setting me apart not for my selfish desires but for His cause, was I there to answer? Sadly, not the first time, I needed time to think about it, I thought I could work around it, I totally forgot he was God and still put my selfish desires first before Him and so, was he really first in my life? One day as I was driving home I really had a deep conviction as I was listening to my usual Christian music and stopped to pay attention to the lyrical content and assess if I meant the words I was singing to.
To claim that we believe is not enough, the call of Jesus is one that demands action.
After making the decision to go ahead with what I felt God had placed on my heart, there was a great sense of peace and I can testify that there is no greater fulfilment in life than setting time aside for God. God time is never time wasted and all God asks of us is that we come as empty vessels and he was fill up (2 Kings 4). Faithful is he who has called you, he will complete it (1 Thessalonians 5 verse 24).
If we, and all we have, belong to God, then actually we own nothing and owe everything to Him.
After all, in John 15 verse 16 Jesus says, 'you did not choose me; I chose you and appointed you to go and bear much fruit ...... '
No great thing ever comes out of comfort zones, allow God to stretch you and use you to fulfil your purpose in life.
Thank you so much for your readership and I hope you have been blessed.

Philippians 3 verse 7 to 11

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