26 July 2015

Hillsong Conference 2015 Europe

All the above photographs belong to the Hillsong team.

Thursday and Friday gone, 23 & 24 July I attended Hillsong Conference nights and the theme to this years conference was 'Speak God we are listening'. I went in so expectant to hear from God and he certainly spoke. Pastor Joseph Prince and Jentezen Franklin preached so profoundly and my heart was full. 
As I always say, an experience such as this can never really be bottled up in the best of videos, photographs or through words intricately strung together, something this special needs to be experienced for one self. When I go into an atmosphere such as this I leave stretched and inspired.

Over the years I've heard people ask, "what is the one cause you fight for?" and to be quite honest I've never had one cause I could actually put a finger on but one thing I do know is:
my heart yearns to see people planted in church and taste the goodness of God. I strongly believe that if a person fellowships long enough, something, one day will certainly be stirred up in their hearts that will ultimately change their lives forever!
It has been my living testimony and what a privilege it is that I get to journey along with my daughter.
Take a peak at the trailer of Hillsong Conference 2016.
*I hope to unpack some of the teachings in future blog posts.
Thank you for passing by.
Stay blessed. 

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