24 June 2015

Stay the path!

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I've been soaking into some great teachings over the past weeks and I thought to just quickly share some of them on the blog. 
  1. Pastor Sophia Barrett of !Audacious church preached a message on : "Never been this way before." : what are you allowing to come before your eyes and into your heart that distances you from the presence of God? 
  2. & then I turned to an old favourite, Bishop T.D Jakes who preached on the message : "The instinct to shift." - a great listen!
  3. Last but not least, one of my current favourites, Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Church sharing on a message I've already shared on the blog : Calling over Comfort - a message I absolutely love and just had to hear all over again. Do have a listen.

I've also had music I've been endlessly playing including the 'we will not be shaken' - Bethel Music album, I encourage you to have a listen, the lyrics will invariably become your lifeline (literally).
All links are clickable (click on title) and I hope you will find these resources useful as they each bring a different and unique message.
 Commit to the path
Don't fear the road
& don't draw back from it
Stay the path! - Bobbie Houston 
(Romans 5 verse 4)
Be blessed and thanks for stopping by.
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