25 April 2015

Be Found

Dress & Shoes : Zara 
If you should know, I'm probably one of the most inconsistent people you will ever meet. So time and again I need little pick-me-ups and replenishment regimes and for one, attending Church conferences/ gatherings has always proved to be a good one. This year will be my first ever experience of Hillsong Colour Conference in London. My countdown has just begun.
Ideally, I plan to vlog the entire experience but I know for a fact that I won't have enough time to edit the footage upon my return. However, I will definitely keep my Twitter (here) and Instagram (here) accounts up to date as much as possible & of course, I will write a blog post and share pictures in my EVENTS category having failed to vlog.
Here in England, this past week the sun has been so good to us.
Its been a fantastic opportunity to wear bright colours and that brings me to talking about this dress I'm wearing. Ladies you will be excited to know that its currently retailing in Zara stores nationwide and online (subject to availability) and in a great choice of a yellow colour too.

Be blessed & see you in the next blog post as I share with you my 'Colour' experience.
Be found is the Hillsong Colour 2015 Conference theme. 

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