13 February 2015

L o v e

I can almost smell the aroma of a fresh bake from back in the day when my amazing father used to gladly serve us week in, week out with these delicious treats.
& here I am, decades later, baking with my daughter, what are the odds.
With Valentine's day just a day away I thought to share this post with you for a quick go-to or for future reference, either way it might turn out to be of good use. 
 First & foremost, you will need to make the trip to the grocery store to grab a few tidbits...
Here's some of the things you will need (italicised) and the sequence of baking:
Heat the oven to 180C/fan - 160C/gas.
Butter and line the bases of your heart shaped baking tray with baking paper.

Grab your bowl & or mixer
Put 200g of well softened butter into the bowl/mixer then pour 200g caster sugar (always ideal but if you ask me, granulated sugar still does the job - real deal bakers might dispute) and 1 tbsp strawberry extract.
Put 4 medium egg whites; 225g self raising flour and 2tbsp buttermilk preferably/ whole milk. Using your mixer, beat together all the cake ingredients until smooth then pour into your baking tray and level the tops.
Place the tray into the oven and allow to bake for at least 35 minutes or until golden. 
When ready, cool the cake before icing.
Food Family Living Tesco magazine, February 2015 issue, free to pick up in store. (open)
For icing and decorating you will need strawberries; 1 tbsp icing sugar and
  400ml of double cream.
Pour cream into a jar and sieve icing sugar then whip until smooth and thick (to do this we used our food processor - not very ideal but still does the job. Take your decorating tools and spread the icing as evenly as possible.
Decorate your cake to your personal style.
  1. Wrap in a box and deliver to your loved ones'.
  2. No specific 'loved one', well, worry not, switch on the kettle for a brew, slice a piece of cake, a must read is waiting for you on one of my all time favourite blogs, click here to read, its titled 'the waiting game' and thereafter you might consider turning to your Bible & reading 1 Corinthians 13 - love.
  3. Too many left overs, look no further, how about generously serving it for your neighbours and appreciating them - talk about an attitude of generosity and gratitude ha!
I love you all my amazing readers!

Be blessed xx

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