2 December 2014

Holding Onto His Promises

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Hi. So good to have you visiting my blog today. Its been just over three months since I began this journey and its been amazing so far thanks to all your continued support. 
We are currently on 5 400+ page views and I've just started hosting ads on the website too, exciting, do click away (pun intended).
The month of November is like a dark cloud sitting on my shoulders because of the fact that I lost my beloved brother during this month, eight years ago. Every year feels like I'm reliving the pain all over again but its been so comforting to read of what the Bible says in Matthew 5 verse 4, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted". Having said that, I've embraced grief and let it all out when I needed to. Ultimately it all comes down to how I choose to deal with it. Last week, I recommended, soaking into the Word of God and surrounding yourself with positive people no matter the circumstance.
Heres a video I've watched and would encourage you to watch too, especially if you are going through grief and/or depression. Its an interview by Nicky Gumbel with Rick Warren (New York Times Best Seller of Life Driven Purpose and his wife, Kay Warren after having lost their son. And if you can share this post/video with anyone you know who might need such encouragement, that would be awesome.
Be blessed.
What Bible promise are you holding onto in this season in your life?
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