27 October 2014

Its a New Season!

Boots : (I don't remember) | Bag : Ted Baker | Jeans : Abercrombie & Fitch |
| Top : Topshop | Scarf : Monsoon | Blazer : Zara |

Sunday 26th of October 2014 has to be one of the best days of my life, I got BAPTISED!!!
 I grew up in a Christian family and my father was one of the leaders in our church. In between work/during his spare time he used to distribute Bibles all over the country (Zimbabwe) in hospitals, schools, prisons etc. in association with Gideon's International Bibles.
We had tonnes and tonnes of deliveries coming in every month and my father made it his mission to distribute them all the time.
I remember he used to travel with a box of Bibles in his car and every time he was stopped at a roadblock by the police he would offer them one (so cheeky but it worked every time).
Amongst his other duties he also used to baptise people in our church (Souls for Christ) and often other churches would come to our house to use our swimming pool facilities for their baptism services. It was always a joy for my parents to host events like those.
Over the years as I've started to seek for a deeper relationship with God I kept on feeling like there was something missing. Every time baptisms were mentioned something would be stirred up inside of me until I thought to ask my mother if I had been baptised. Just as I thought, she said I had been baptised at an early age but I personally did not have a clear image of that day so I felt I had to do it. It all happened in God's perfect timing and it was one of the best life experiences ever.
Next week, I will be sharing with you some of the greatest struggles I've faced in my pursuit to be Christ-like. So far, since I've been baptised some of those chains have been set free. (Romans 8 verse 1&2)
If you want to know more about baptisms, what it is, what it means or any other questions, drop me an email and I will be sure to get the right person to give you more information on that. 
However, if you just want to read it out of the Bible, here are a few verses to check out:
Luke 3 vs 16; Matthew 3 vs 13-17; Mark 1 vs 9-11; Luke 3 vs 21-2, John 1 vs 29-33; Matthew 28 vs 19-20; Mark 1 vs 4-5;Acts 2 vs 38; Acts 8 vs 35-38; Acts 16 vs 31-33 (those are the only ones I've come across, I'm sure they are plenty more).
Have a superb week.
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