2 October 2014

Invincible Summer

"In the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer'' - Albert Cumus.

Very briefly today I just wanted to share on setting goals. I know most people usually set goals at the beginning of the year, every six months and/or quarterly. Myself, I do so every month because I have a tendency of not following up so I find breaking them down into smaller chunks is much useful (depending on what they are obviously).
But just recently at my church we got little cards to jot down our goals over this season (September past - December) in the following five areas and I just thought it would be nice to share and hopefully you may find them to be useful too. Goal:

  1. Family - it could be anything; maybe an area you feel you need to work/improve in to make your family relations stronger.
  2. Faith - this can be personal growth in this area; faith for : something you are believing God for etc. and also praying that one person in your circle who doesn't yet know Jesus would come to know him in this season.
  3. Fitness - lose/gain weight, eating healthy etc. you know yourself.
  4. Finance - this could be an issue of better managing your finances, saving, setting priorities over your finances, being faithful with your finances etc. for example, maybe you don't yet tithe and you would like to start doing so, challenge yourself to start this season.
  5. Fellowship - maybe you don't attend a church or attend occasionally and in this season you could challenge yourself to become a regular goer etc. 
*in my last post I said I would share my notes from Bling Conference but apologies I haven't had time to review and reflect.
Thanks for passing by.
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