2 September 2014

P H O T O D I A R Y - Holiday In Poland!

Once a year go someplace you've never been before - Dalai Lama.

Just a week ago I posted the above quote on my Facebook and Instagram before setting off on a road trip to Poland via France, Belgium and Germany.
Today I just thought to quickly share a few photographs taken on this wonderful holiday. 
Words cannot start to describe what this trip meant for my daughter and I, we absolutely had the best time of our lives. We went site seeing, food tasting, mountain and rock climbing, shopping, swimming, barbecues and fun hang outs with the families that were hosting us.
Mostly, I loved tapping into their culture and traditions.
All I can say is one cannot visit Poland once, theres so much to see and learn, and for that reason I will definitely make another trip in the near future.
What would I say was the peak of the holiday?
There's just too too many but if I had to choose one, no doubt, the AMAZING people we met and got to hang around with. 
What would I say was the low point of the holiday? 
Valerie having a swollen ear after some mountain and rock climbing, my guess was something bit her ear but it was nothing too serious, she was fine the next day. 
God bless the families of Jola and David.
*I chose to share a lot of Valerie and her best friends photographs because I felt the trip was mainly focused on them two.
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