9 September 2014

Calling Over Comfort!

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One of my highlights for Summer 2014 has to be attending Hillsong Church Conference in London. 
 Weeks before the conference I was battling with what was a matter of emergency. Saying so, I felt overwhelmed by this sense of urgency to make decisions and life choices that would ultimately affect/change the course of my life but I had to do this soon.
I remember telephoning one of my very close friends to tell her of all my worries and concerns and all she said to me was, FAST! To be quite honest, I wasn't ready for all that (I never am, pray for me) and quite frankly, thats not what I wanted to hear. 
As you may have all guessed already, I didn't fast in the end. Instead a day before the conference as I was speaking to her I said, I've simply opened up myself to hear what God has to say to ME.

On the second day as Pastor Brian was teaching on what he termed, ' 7 decisions with a generational impact' he said something that was so personal and related to what I had been going through. In summary, he was talking about our calling versus our comfort. At the time, I turned around in an auditorium of about 10 000 plus people to make sure he wasn't just talking to me. In that instance it dawned on me that God had just spoken to me. I can tell you this now, I don't question if God talks to us or not. I don't question if God has called me for such a time as this (if you follow on these posts, in a week or two I will share something that closely relates to this). 

Indeed it was a life changing moment on my part & since then I have stepped out of my comfort zone and become more open to God's calling by simply choosing to stay loyal to His Word.

My encouragement today is for us not to get too comfortable in our little nests. Instead lets spread our wings and move into God's calling for our lives even if it means stepping outside of our comfort zone and status quo. To start with, its easy, simply get in line with the Word of God and everything else will follow suit. Remembering what the Bible says in Matthew 6:33 - "but seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you". Particularly praying that you will be guided by God's wisdom as you step out to what he's purposed for your life.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. God bless you and have a great week!

Choose your calling over your comfort!

Here's a brief video I found on YouTube where Ps Brian talks a little on the subject of decisions with a generational impact. Please note: at the conference he went into detail on each of the areas he talks about in this short clip.

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