15 September 2014

Calling Over Comfort - continued.

Shoes & Shorts : Zara | Top : Next | Bag : (gifted to her on her third Dora theme birthday party)

Happy Monday guys! 
I pray you all had a lovely weekend. 
My daughter and I have had an awesome one. 
Sunday was good, spent the day at !Audacious Church and let me just say, I am absolutely loving and learning a lot from the BLESSED series we are currently on. Its available for free on podcast if you too would love to get stuck in, simply click here.
In other news, it's London Fashion Week and I'm gutted I can't be there because I live so far now but thank God for online streaming I haven't missed out on most of the shows. 
Before I get onto the next thing, have you read last weeks post on Calling vs Comfort? If you haven't, no worries, just scroll down below and there you have it. And if you have, let me quickly share something I felt I needed to touch on a little bit more on this same subject of Calling vs Comfort.
(as it may appear not very clear)
So I don't know if you've been wondering what my calling and comfort really was?
I will tell you of ONE amongst many others:
Comfort - I had to decide quickly where my daughter was to school? Cambridge or Manchester, Cambridge being where my mum stays and Manchester being where I recently moved to. It would be so much easier had I chosen Cambridge BUT...
Calling - Events happening before moving to Manchester I can only say they were ordained by God and I believe God has called me to be in Manchester for a such a time as this in my life.
The Bible says in Psalms 37 vs 23: "The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives"
In the end, after hearing the message Pastor Brian taught at Hillsong Conference (which included decisions with a generational impact) I chose my Calling over my Comfort.
*take a look at this video once again so it all makes sense, enjoy.
Be blessed.
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