28 September 2014

Bling Conference 2014!

Nothing like writing up a post when you are still fresh from an experience.
As some of you may or may not know, this weekend I attended Bling Women’s Conference at my church, !Audacious, here in Manchester. Oh, what an experience!
It was my first time attending Bling Conference and just as expected, the !Audacious Team outdid themselves. 
One of my greatest highlights was meeting three ladies from Richmond that said they had come as a group of 60, just to attend the conference. It was at that hour that I realised I was in for a big big thing!
(altogether just under 700 women gathered for Bling!)
Friday night went amazingly great. Pastor Sophia preached on the topic - “Born again to do greater things” tallying with the theme of the conference which was GREATER THINGS.
Saturday morning, we had Pastor Sophia Barrett preach in the 1st session of the day and the focus of her preach being, “the grass is greener on your side - love your life”
Thereafter we had a ‘Life Stories’ session and let me just say, it was way too emotional but so good. The testimonies were phenomenal.
Soon after, my friends and I went out to Spinningfields for lunch and catch ups at Thaikhun, it was lovely. We managed to get back in time for ’The Wild One’ session and this basically was a moment of dwelling in the presence of God under praise and worship. A little break followed and we were onto the last session of the day with Pastor Russell Evans from Planetshakers Australia who spoke about the “Orphan Heart Vs Heart of Sonship" 

Altogether, Bling was aaaammmmaaaazzzziiiiinnnnngggg!
I really cannot wait to unpack everything God stirred up in my heart through the teachings we received. Hopefully, if life doesn’t get too busy I will be able to share with you some content over the next two or three posts. So I suggest you keep watch, sign up, follow me, do whatever it takes to get yourself up to date with this blog.
I encourage you to come share these and many other experiences with us, check out our website (!Audacious Church) for more information.
Have a blessed week and thank you for reading! 

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