15 October 2014

Whose Race Are You Running?

My Outfit - Boots: (I don't remember to be honest) | Jeans & Shirt : Zara |
Valerie's outfit - Boots: Debenhams | Jeans : Tommy Hilfiger | Shirt : Zara |

Just last week I shared on comparison being the thief of joy because often times we look at life with a mentality of 'the grass is greener on the other side' and not on our side. This issue has been ministered to me several times including both conferences I attended this summer, Hillsong and !Audacious and I take it that it was no mistake that I was in both places and sat through both teachings. I say this because I have been so guilty of this and maybe thats why I had to hear it more than twice.
The Word of God says in, Psalms 62:11: Once God has spoken, twice have I heard this, that power belongs to God!
As usual, let me tell you my story. So I watch KUWTK, amazing reality show that is, I absolutely love it and won't miss it for anything (not really). Why I love to watch it is because I love how the girls dress, their sense of style, home decor and to be quite honest their drama is worth a bucket of popcorn sometimes. Here's the problem though, after watching the 'reality' show I come off thinking I can live my life like that too (excluding the drama of course). 
Heres another example, I love Instagram so much I have to fast from it sometimes (oh ye, its that bad, pray for me) and whilst I'm on it (which is a lot of times) I see peoples fairy tale, all perfect, all going great type of lives (because thats all Instagram displays isn't it?) and I come off thinking I could do that too. 
I can go on and on but one of many, the root of the problem can be comparison which blocks us from running our own race and ultimately missing God's calling on our lives. Taking note too that feelings of envy, jealousy etc. are birthed in moments like these.
"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel" - Steven Furtick.

I remember when I set up my blog, I kept comparing my website to other bloggers and felt I needed to do more, I needed to make some changes etc. This stopped me from doing my own thing and ultimately I lost time. After hearing that teaching twice and remembering the above verse I shared I took a stand to run my own race.
I had to make a decision to stay in my lane at all times, I do get distracted sometimes don't get me wrong but I have to constantly remind myself that my story is different from everybody else's therefore I need to run my own race!
We have different talents, different dreams, ambitions, aspirations etc. lets not get stuck in other peoples lanes running their race instead of our own. What a time waster that would be!
Comparison is the thief of joy, stay in your lane and focus on God!
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