23 October 2014

My journey home ...

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June 2009 is when I first came to the UK to join my family and eight months later I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Valerie. What a joy that was but I was despaired knowing I wasn't going to be able to bring her up the same way I had been brought up - in a church family. I had been to church a few times but I didn't have one I actually belonged to. Over the year my excuse had been; I am fairly new, I hardly have any friends, England sucks, parenting will be overwhelming and every other excuse I could think of so I just never bothered to find a place I could call home/my church. 
A few months down the line following Valerie's birth I started attending church with my sister but it didn't feel like home. A week after my daughters 2nd birthday I was introduced to Kingsgate Church and let me just say, this was the start of something incredible in my life. I looked forward to every Sunday and was also involved in the life of church (which made it even more fun) and my daughter absolutely loved it. It really felt like home away from home and every single person I encountered was so welcoming, loving and friendly. Sadly, two years later I had to move to Manchester and had to look for a new church to join. My Pastor from Kingsgate recommended I try out !Audacious Church.
The week upon my arrival I was attending Jesus Culture Conference which was to my surprise being held at !Audacious Church. After attending the conference, I decided to come to the church on a separate note and just like everybody else I absolutely fell in love with it!
!Audacious Church has been a source of joy to Valerie and I. We literally spend the whole of Sunday there because its just that vibrant.
Often, we still get to visit our first love Kingsgate Church in Cambridge and Peterborough every now and again and that sense of family still lives on. 
I don't know what your journey is like as you are reading this today, maybe you haven't found your happy place in the life of church or you don't attend church at all? No matter how you feel when you come into church - you leave encouraged, loved, supported, stretched and inspired - it is home with a sense of family and friends surrounding you, people you can go to at any time and you know they are there for you and praying with you. 
If you can be a part of that, your life will change forever.
Stay blessed.

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